The INVINCIBLE めろん畑a go go can’t be stopped

A music review by Just Panda

めろん畑a go go (Melon Batake A Go Go), the idol from outer space, are back with new single Invincible IDOL (無敵のIDOL) bringing their jpop fifties style fusion with them.

From far across the galaxy, this idol unit have made a name for themselves in the underground scene for the past few years. With a big line- up change in the early part of 2020, they have been working tirelessly. Now with a new single and MV as well as the imminent release of their fourth album, they are ready to take over the idol galaxy!

Dressed in new red outfits with yellow capes, the Melons dance in unison with their identities hidden by masks, in what looks like an abandoned warehouse. That classic fifties rockabilly vibe that they are known for provides a quick and fun pace to the song.

They sing ‘The end will come. Then why sing? The life of IDOL now being questioned’, as they muse the fate of an Idol. Will they be successful? Will they conquer the galaxy? The Melons ask ‘Born underground and die underground, is that the fate of IDOL?’ We have no doubt that our sidekick Idols from outer space will be INVINCIBLE!

After a shaky start to the year with former member Rukatama withdrawing from activities, the Melons continued with arrival of Tomoyo Chiyo and Amino Coromi from sister group The Grateful a Mogaaz. They join Yuffie Sakimura, Soze Nakamura and Run Rutakame to become a five-piece, and the Melons are now ready to take over the galaxy!

The highly anticipated mini album ‘to IDOLS to US to YOU’ is no doubt going to be full of the high energy superhero style we all know and love. MELON BATAKE A GOGO!!!

To support めろん畑a go go.

Mini album to IDOLS to US to YOU to be released on 19th August 2020

All images from the official Twitter account, with thanks.

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