Ankimo are far from UNFINISHED.

An album review by Just Panda ~ Beyond Senpai

Technical melodic speed metal titans Unlucky Morpheus returned to the world music platform this month with the highly anticipated album ‘Unfinished’. 

It has been two years since the last full album release, the mammoth Change of Generation. A follow up to this beast was surely to be expected, and our wait has not been in vain. 

Lead single Unending Sorceress premiered with an incredible gothic style MV in the latter days of July, gearing the fan base up for the imminent release of Unfinished. 

Vocalist Fuki has matured in her abilities, mesmerising the listener with her operatic vibrato and incredible range. These clean and impressive vocals are backed up by screamer Shiren, creating a balance of light and dark. Shirens screamer style cuts through the heavy guitar and machine-gun drumming, with moments of brightness coming from Jill and her intricate fiddle work. That is well heard in the opening to Near the End where Shirens vocal abilities are brought to the front of the mix. 

The playful to-and-fro guitar solos of Shiren and Jinya, are both pleasing to the ear and hypnotic in their skill. This is clear in Kago No Tori, where Fukis falsetto work showcases that incredible range we all know she is capable of. The intricate scale work between the heavy, dark chord progressions and purposeful bass work from Hiroyuki Ogawa create the atmosphere that Ankimo are well known for in their field. 

Make Your Choice is a stand out track as it has a vibe like no other on the album. Fumiya on drums powers through with a groove that does this song justice. The hope of this making it onto the live set list is high, sure to be a crowd-pleaser this has ticked all the boxes. 

Gothic chorale track Dogura Magura is an onslaught of chorister vocals and pounding drums. The vocal switching between Fuki and Shiren has been a main feature on this album, with both vocalists working together in harmony. The chord progressions and early key change take this track to another level, with the layering of sound a main focus in the mix. 

Surprise entry has to be Carry On Singing to the Sky, the only song in English. No easy feat but Fukis professionalism to her craft carries her through. Classical musings are called on through Jills superb string work with a shout to Paganini’s 24thCaprice, sure to make any audience take notice. 

In short, Unfinished is undoubtedly some of the best work Unlucky Morpheus has delivered. The musicianship and talent is showcased throughout. This is no thrown-together record. This is months of composing and writing as a unit. And the dedication shows. 

Unfinished is a delight to behold. Both light and heavy, it is on course to being one of the top releases of the year.

01. Unfinished
02. Unending Sorceress
03. Near The End
04. 籠の鳥
05. Salome
06. Make your choice
07. Top of the “M”
08. Dogura Magura
09. Carry on singing to the sky

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