From the Basement-Heavenstamp review

Tokyo based indie pop rockers HEAVENSTAMP are back with a new record, From the Basement, and it doesn’t miss a beat.

After the announcement of joining the SETSUZOKU RECORDS roster in late 2020 and the January release of ‘Sail to Heaven’ setting the tone for the new record, fans have been waiting for the imminent drop. And they weren’t disappointed.

HEAVENSTAMP’s Sally#Cinnamon and Tomoya.S return with their infectious guitar driven vibes after working on new material during the past years lockdown.

Sally#Cinnamon brings her amazing vocals with the same great range and finesse we know. Her voice is incredible; soft and soothing but with a determined focus that let’s the listener know they are part of something special.

Title track Sail to Heaven has that chilled indie vibe HEAVENSTAMP are known for. A groove that builds with lifting vocals, you can feel this is the start of a great musical story.

The pace picks up with Scrap, a guitar driven track with vocals from both Sally#Cinnamon and Tomoya.S. With a rap style vocal, this track really builds in both tempo and beat with a lyrical chorus.

Kumonoito builds on the previous track with added synths and infectious drum beat that will have fans bopping too. Sally#Cinnamon hits that higher range with ease.

Next up is another guitar focused track, Kokoronihiwotsukete. That opening riff is one that will be stuck in your head. The vocals on the build up to the chorus are impeccable, in contrast to the grinding guitar chords. With a blistering guitar solo and that 90s indie rock groove, this is sure to be a favourite live.

Ainiyurai has that indie pop beat and feel to it, with Sally#Cinnamon mixing up her vocal style. It provides a fresh and different feel that is in contrast to the chorus. Sure to be a popular track in the live setting.

Another banging opening for Mind the Gap and a chorus that will have fans singing along. The break inbetween verse and chorus before the opening riff returns shows the complexity in the musicianship.

Tokinotbibito brings a false sense of security with a mellow opening before you are hit with massive harmonised vocals. This track really showcases the vocal element of HEAVENSTAMP, long open voices of both Sally#Cinnamon and Tomoya.S supported by clever drumbeats that give the track that extra edge.

To end, 8 bit synths build the opening for Virtual. Mellow with digital drumbeats and keys, this track has all the hallmarks of HEAVENSTAMP and the massive previous record, LOVE BUILDERS. A perfect end to a great album.

From the Basement is absolutely some of the best music Heavenstamp have delivered. It encompasses their indie pop rock style and groove that they are well known for. We can hope for some live shows in the coming year and enjoy this record in the way it should be.

From the Basement is available now to buy and download on iTunes and Spotify.


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