BABYBEARD – Music Video Release

Kawaii-metal idol unit BABYBEARD are back with their debut music video for killer track Nippon Kara Konnichiwa, and the world is not ready!

Leader Ladybeard and his kawaiicore sidekicks KOTOMI and SUZU are ready to delight their fans with a visual spectacular, and the MV is sure to be a full on scream and dance fest!

Nippon Kara Konnichiwa was released way back in April of 2021, alongside Piennizer, with both tracks racking up the views on YouTube and all the major streaming platforms. All that was missing was an official music video. But now that time has come!

The video, shot entirely on green screen and directed by Toichiro Okada, is a bizarro sleigh ride through a Japanese fever dream. Ladybeard, SUZU and KOTOMI take viewers on a cutely confusing adventure through the the kind of insanity that only Japan could concoct. Screaming out a massive “Konnichiwa!” from the land of the rising sun, we’re gonna transport you to the land of the dropping jaw!

Fans in both Japan and internationally have been eagerly awaiting the first full visual representation of BABYBEARD, and from the teasers we have seen so far they have gone full out and are ready to SMILE DANCE AND SCREAM!!

Make sure to set your alarms for the official release on January 24th at 2200 JST over on the BABYBEARD official YouTube Channel.

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