Reborn With A Smile: An Interview with LONDON BLUE and Kiyoshi Hayashi

On November 1st, 2021, LONDON BLUE revealed in a surprise announcement that the group would make a return to the stage after a year-long hiatus. What was more surprising was the member reveal, with current member AOBA – also known as Harumi Aoba – being the groups sole successor after the dissolution of her former group, Ever! BE Mayowanaide!! just a day before.

Now AOBA begins her journey with LONDON BLUE, and after holding her first mini one-man live at Ikebukuro MONO on November 13th, she is ready to take on the groups 8 year legacy with the support of her seniors and a never-ending smile.

It is time to celebrate LONDON BLUE’s return to the Idol world, so Beyond Senpai would like to welcome both AOBA and LONDON BLUE’s manager, Kiyoshi Hayashi, to talk about the groups revival, AOBA’s strengths and LONDON BLUE’s future goals.

Photo via @londonblue2013 official Twitter

Thank you very much for joining Beyond Senpai for this interview! Please introduce yourself so that the readers know a little more about you.



My name is AOBA, otherwise known by Harumi Aoba! I love the TV show ‘Okaasan to Issho’. Thank you very much for having me!



Kiyoshi Hayashi: I am Kiyoshi Hayashi, a representative of the office which LONDON BLUE belongs to.

林清さん:LONDON BLUEが所属するオフィスの代表です

First of all, congratulations on the revival of LONDON BLUE! How does it feel to see the group’s history move forward with this anticipated revival?

まずは、LONDON BLUEの復活おめでとうございます。グループの歴史が生まれ変わって引き継がれていることをどう感じますか?

AOBA: I am very happy that I can become a part of a group with so much history!


Kiyoshi: More than anything, I am glad that these wonderful songs can be heard by so many people once again.


Were you excited to announce the revival of the group?

LONDON BLUEの復活を発表できてワクワクしましたか?

AOBA: I was thrilled!

Of course, I was incredibly happy that other people were happy about it.



And the fans? Do you think that they were surprised by the announcement?

LONDON BLUEのファンはどうですか? 彼らはその発表に驚いたと思いますか?

Kiyoshi: I think they were more surprised at the fact that there will only be one member working alone.


Photo via LONDON BLUE Official Website

Recently, it was revealed in the revival announcement that AOBA-san had auditioned for LONDON BLUE in the past. Please tell us what originally drew AOBA-san to LONDON BLUE during the first audition, and the current image you have for the group today.

先日の復活発表で、AOBAさんが過去にLONDON BLUEのオーディションを受けていたことが明らかになりました。最初のオーディションでAOBAさんがLONDON BLUEに惹かれたポイントと、現在のイメージを教えてください。

AOBA: When I first applied to be a member, I thought that the energy and the way everyone cheerfully smiled as they performed was cool! Now I am more aware of the sad feelings in some of the songs, so I hope that I can express those feelings as well during my performances.


Are there any songs that you would like to perform, or perhaps a song that suits AOBA more than others?

AOBAさんが演奏してみたいLONDON BLUEの曲や、AOBAさんによく似合う曲はありますか?

Kiyoshi: ‘Special My Love’.

林清さん:‘Special My Love’。

AOBA: ‘Special My Love’!

I especially love the lyrics ‘Kibō no panorama ni aoi tori tobasou‘ thanks to how gentle they are, and they make me feel cheerful.

AOBA:‘Special My Love’ です!


With AOBA as its pillar, what do you think will become LONDON BLUE’s strength in its current form?

AOBAさんを柱に、LONDON BLUEの新たな強みとは?

AOBA: I hope that I can deliver a cheerful and friendly kind of performance. If that became my strength, I will be happy.


Kiyoshi: It’s the knowledge that AOBA enjoys herself when she is doing a live performance.


What would you like fans to take from this current form of LONDON BLUE?


AOBA: A smile! I want to see you smile!


Kiyoshi: It would be great if you could see AOBA having fun during her performance and enjoy the show alongside her.


LONDON BLUE’s charm is in the groups ‘cool&cute’ concept. In your own words, please can you describe the cool and cute side of yourself that you would like fans to notice during your performance.

LONDON BLUEの魅力は、グループの「cool&cute」というコンセプトにあります。 演奏中にファンに気づいてもらいたい、クールでキュートな一面をあなた自身の言葉で表現してください。

AOBA: Because LONDON BLUE’s songs are sometimes sad, sometimes cool, sometimes cute and sometimes sweet, I hope that you will notice all of these different sides of me during a performance.

AOBA:LONDON BLUEの曲は時に切なく時にかっこよく時に可愛く甘くいろんな一面があるのでそれに改めて気づいて頂けたら嬉しいです♪

Kiyoshi: With her sense of style, her never-ending smile and her friendly atmosphere, AOBA is someone you can feel at ease with no matter what.


In regards to the future of LONDON BLUE, are there any goals that you have in mind?

LONDON BLUEの今後について、AOBAさんが考えている目標はありますか?

AOBA: First of all, I would like to hold a live concert that everyone can enjoy once and for all.


Photo via LONDON BLUE Official Website

As LONDON BLUE is inspired by London in the UK, please let us know what your impression of London is!

LONDON BLUEはイギリスのロンドンをモチーフにしているので、AOBAさんのロンドンの印象を教えてください。

AOBA: I get the impression that it’s a fashionable city, one that is cool in all its simplicity.


Finally, please can you leave a message for the readers and fans?


AOBA: Thank you for reading until the very end.

From now on, I will continue to work energetically as a member of LONDON BLUE. I hope that we can meet each other somewhere, someday.


これからLONDON BLUEとして元気に活動していきます。どこかでお会いできます様に💫

Beyond Senpai would like to thank both AOBA and Kiyoshi Hayashi for taking time to participate in this interview. Thank you very much!

BeyondSenpaiのスタッフは、このインタビューに時間を割いてくれたAOBAさんと林清さんの両方に感謝します。 どうもありがとうございます!

Photo via @londonblue2013 Twitter

You can find and support AOBA and LONDON BLUE at the following links:


AOBA Twitter
AOBA Showroom
Kiyoshi Hayashi Twitter

Interview by: Kelly
Edited by: Kelly

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