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Friends and gig companions Just Panda and Tom Jefferys were looking for a platform to create content for the Japanese music community here in the United Kingdom, and to get that community involved in the creative process.

The idea of a community based webzine where fans could create content such as articles, interviews and personal features on the bands and idols they follow, was inspiring to Tom and Panda. With both being part of a niche but growing community in the UK, they had first hand knowledge of the creative minds around them who wanted to create content but didn’t have the platform to do so.

And there Beyond Senpai was born. During the worldwide lockdown of 2020, the newly established Team Senpai got to work building their social media platforms and reaching out to members of the community.

It wasn’t long before the follows and likes started to build up. Daily Tweets and posts on the Senpai Facebook group began to attract attention from the community, and the support and good feelings the project received was incredible.

Over the first few months Team Senpai, along with an array of guest writers, began to share articles and features. This was followed by emails from community members who wanted to get more involved. The platform Tom and Panda had dreamed of was beginning to grow.

Team Senpai grew further in the spring of 2021 when a long-time idol blogger and good friend Kelly officially joined the ranks. Kelly is well known in the idol community for her articles in the popular blog Okay! Musume Time, and as a member of the online podcast Wota of the Round Table. Team Senpai has certainly gained some extra clout having such a creative ally on side.

Beyond Senpai was created out of friendship and a love for Japanese music and culture. During these strange times of global lockdown and cancelled gigs, the online community has taken the reins to keep that friendship and community spirit going.

Beyond Senpai is thankful to all of our supporters, friends and guest writers, and to all the musicians, artists and idols who brought us together to begin with.

Team Beyond Senpai

Just Panda

Founder, editor and content creator

In charge of of colour Pink

I have been a fan and enthusiast of Japanese music and culture for many years. Fanzines of the mid 90s were a big part of my teens, and I hope to bring that joy to this community in helping other fans create content for the bands and artists they love.

Tom Jefferys

Founder, editor and content creator

In charge of colour Dark Blue

Hello everyone, I’m a classic metal head with a passion for Japanese music (it’s a long story). I love discovering new groups and being a part of the Japanese music community. Let’s all enjoy this adventure together. Oh yeah, I like trains to.


Writer, editor and content creator

In charge of colour Purple

Hello from the Idol side! To cut a long story short, I have been a fan of Japanese culture since my early teens, and found myself in the orthodox Idol scene along the way. I love the Japanese music community and want to share the joy that Idols can bring.

Jade aka Panda-san

Mascot-senpai, ruler of cuteness

In charge of cuteness

NECRONOMIDOL’s biggest supporter is now a part of Team Senpai! Small, cute and mighty, Jade is ready to rock at any live!

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