double and: an interview with Saki Chitose

It’s been a busy year for Saki Chitose, better known as 2&, with new music releases and a trip across the planet to perform at Hyper Japan Festival in London to name but a few.

Saki-chan joined Just Panda for a chat about all the comings and goings in 2& land, and what fans can look forward too.

Beyond Senpai: Welcome back to Beyond Senpai Saki-chan! You have been busy this year! Please tell us what 2& has been doing.

Saki: Thank you for interviewing me again! It was great meeting you at HYPER JAPAN this summer.

As the pandemic has mostly come to an end in Japan and across the world, I’ve been very busy with my performance schedule. I perform two or three times a week.

I hope you can attend a show in Japan someday!

BS: You released your new single ‘Sashisusesa‘ and MV recently, please tell us about the writing process for the song and the meaning behind it?

Saki: Have you heard the Japanese expression “Sa-Shi-Su-Se-So”? This refers to the five main ingredients you need to cook! It’s something like a play on words!

I like to write songs while playing the acoustic guitar. This song has an upbeat tempo and is a lot of fun to sing and dance to!

BS: The MV for ‘Sashisusesa‘ has lots of artistic elements, how do you come up with the creative ideas for your music videos? and what is your favourite part of the process?

Saki: Thank you for checking out my new MV for ‘Sashisusesa‘! I wanted to make a MV with more artistic elements as I feel I’ve grown as an artist over the past few years writing and producing my own music. Music is my favourite way to express myself.

It was a lot of fun to edit the MV myself even though it took quite a long time!

I really enjoy picking out a costume for the shoot as well as any accessories or props such as the orange mannequin.

BS: We love your new performance dress! How important is the design process for you when creating new outfits?

Saki: Thank you! I’ve been working with a new costume designer since 2021. Costume design is very important to me. There are a lot of performers who don’t wear costumes but I feel this element is an important part of my performance. The dress I wore at HYPER JAPAN has some ethnic elements. It’s also one of my favourite costumes! 

2& at Hyper Japan Festival 2022

BS: You came back to the UK this summer for Hyper Japan Festival, what was it like performing for your fans again at Hyper Live?

Saki: It felt like forever since I’ve been to the UK! I finally saw Big Ben! 

I was excited to see everyone who has been attending my streams or purchasing from my online shop in person. 

I was excited to perform on the main stage at HYPER JAPAN as I think a lot of new people could see my performance. 

BS: What was your highlight of Hyper Japan and why? And can your fans look forward to seeing you perform here again in the future?

Saki: I was surprised everyone was shouting “Saki-chan” during my performance. It gave me a lot of energy!

I hope I get the chance to perform overseas again next year. There are many countries I’d like to visit.

BS: You have been busy online promoting CHEERZ, please tell us about how well it is going?

Saki: Thank you to all those who participated in the CHEERZ event. The results are in and I’m happy to announce that I came in first place!

I will post a picture of the billboard on Twitter when it’s up so make sure to check it!

Rom&nd is one of my favourite brands so I couldn’t be happier!

BS: Thank you again for joining us, Saki-chan! Do you have a message for your fans?

Saki: Thank you for always supporting me!

Over the next couple of months I will be preparing for 2& Day on February 2nd, 2023 and my birthday performance.

Please look forward to more announcements soon!


Beyond Senpai thanks Saki-chan for joining us in this interview. Make sure to check out her new MV now!

To support 2&

All photos courtesy of 2&.

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