PassCode: Starry Sky

A review by Tom

Once again, PassCode are back with an all new live album and it is something we all need right now.

Filmed at the iconic KT Zepp, Yokohama back in August’s 2020, PassCode are back with their take on metalcore infused J-pop.

I don’t have to say that 2020 has been a strange year and for live concerts, some things had to change. If you have listened to past PassCode live albums or watched any of the live videos, you will know the audience plays a big part in the sound.

Understandably, due to restrictions that come with the current world situation, there is an audience at the venue but sadly very little crowd interaction can be heard. You can hear some clapping, but for a live PassCode show it is missing that energy the audience brings to make you want to be right there in the middle of the madness.

One thing you notice while listening to the members sing live, is their passion for being live on stage. Even with the audience interaction being minimal, the girls aren’t letting that hold them back. They definitely make up for what is normally missing and you feel the energy that always accompanies a live show.

The one thing I admire about PassCode is the use of their live band. It brings an element of sound that a backing track doesn’t have and really lifts the show to another level. Praise has to be given to the musicians here. The talent they have is second to none and you can feel the energy the band and girls feed to each other.

The setlist from the show included classics like ‘Bite the Bullet’, ‘Maze of Minds’ and ‘Ray’. Not forgetting crowd favourite ‘Miss Unlimited’, and the song that shows the power of Yuna’s voice, ‘Taking You Out’.

There is an excellent mix of songs from classics right through to new releases. My personal stand out song from the show is ‘Sieze Approaching Brand New Era’. I’m sure this is going to become a fan favourite and really is awesome to hear live.

Overall this is a PassCode live show slightly different to the past release. But don’t let that put you off from listening to it. This is truly a live show that we all need at the moment. Powerful and uplifting, it really is a pleasure to listen to.

PassCode – Starry Sky is available now on DVD.

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