From Behind the Curtain: A Veiled Introduction to the ‘True’ Member of Satanic Punish

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It was October 30th, 2022, and some new information had come to light: A new member had joined Satanic Punish, and one of Beyond Senpai’s contributor’s needed answers. What are their thoughts on joining this musically driven group, what music do they enjoy outside of what they are set to perform, and finally, just Who are they?

With their anonymity however, there is a strange kind of beauty. It adds to the anticipation of their unveiling – whenever that may be – and allows for speculation, because while we want to know more, we also crave to figure things out for ourselves, like a puzzle. So with this in mind, one of Beyond Senpai’s writer’s challenged themselves to something a little different.

An Interview with the ‘TRUE’ member of Satanic Punish, one that would not compromise their identity whatsoever.

Beyond Senpai have not tasked themselves with this before, and honestly, it was difficult, yet when propositioned with this very idea, Fudou Gantetsu – manager and producer of Devil Margin Inc. – happily accepted the interview with the newest addition to Satanic Punish, – who we will call ‘TRUE’ from here on out –  which we can share with you today.

So, it is our pleasure to introduce everyone to the newest member of Satanic Punish, as they share their thoughts and worries on joining the group, how they encountered the audition, and a little more. Are you ready to learn a little more about ‘TRUE’, the newest member of Satanic Punish?

Thank you for taking the time to join Beyond Senpai for an interview.

To begin, what made you audition for Satanic Punish? Had you watched Satanic Punish before you decided to try out for the group?

TRUE: My earliest encounter was actually with our sister group, DEARDEVIL. I heard DEARDEVIL’s song, Flaming, at one of their live performances and was impressed by the fact that there were idols that could sing such high quality songs in such a cool way, so I started to look up and listen to their music. Through that, I came across these two charismatic singers who sang my favourite genre of music in a majestic way, and that was Satanic Punish.

A little while later, I saw that Satanic Punish were searching for new members on an audition site, and I knew that I would definitely regret not auditioning, so I took the chance and applied.

Beyond Senpaiのインタビューにお付き合いいただきありがとうございます。

まずはじめに、Satanic Punishのオーディションを受けたきっかけは何ですか?Satanic Punishを観てから、グループに挑戦することを決めたのですか?

TRUE: 実は、一番最初の出会いは、姉妹グループのDEARDEVILさんがきっかけでした。とあるライブでDEARDEVILさんの「Flaming」を聴いて、こんなにクオリティの高い楽曲をかっこよく歌うアイドルがいるんだなぁと感動し、他の曲も調べて聞いていたところ、私の大好きなジャンルの楽曲を荘厳にを歌い上げるカリスマ達と出会い、それがSatanic Punishでした。

その少し後にオーディションサイトでSatanic Punishの新メンバー募集ページを見て、オーディションを受けないと絶対に後悔するだろうと思い、ダメ元で受けました。

And what were your feelings when you received the announcement that you had successfully passed the audition as a ‘true’ member?

TRUE: I was at my parents’ house on the day I received the acceptance letter, and I was feeling a sense of accomplishment and even a little sentimental, because I had also reached the end of a challenge that I had put my life on the line for. That night, I received the email that I had passed the audition, and I remember that my mother and I were very happy. It isn’t like I had no confidence in myself, but I never thought that I would actually pass… I was surprised, and now I am filled with anticipation to engage in one final activity where I can put my life on the line again.


TRUE: 合格通知をいただいた日、私は人生を懸けて挑んでいた事がひとつ終わりを迎え、達成感とともに少し感傷的になっており、急遽実家で過ごしていました。その夜、合格のメールを受け取り、母と2人で喜んだのを覚えています。自信が全く無かったという訳ではありませんが、まさか本当に合格してしまうとは…と驚き、これからまた自分の人生を懸けた最後の活動をするのだと、期待でいっぱいになりました。

Who has been your biggest supporter so far?

TRUE: As I mentioned earlier, my mother. I don’t think that I am as good a singer as the other two members of Satanic Punish, but whenever I send my parents a song I have recorded, she is always praising my singing, which is very sweet of her! We live far apart from each other now, but we keep in touch almost every day, and more recently she has been sending me YouTube videos saying that Webshiki.’s smile is super cute, as well as messages that Himeno’s photo of her in this or that dress on Twitter are too cute (laughs).


TRUE: 先程も述べた、私の母です。私自身はSatanic Punish現メンバーのお二方ほどの歌唱力は持っていないと思っているのですが、録音した歌を送るといつも私の歌を褒めてくれて、とても優しいです!今は離れて暮らしていますが、ほぼ毎日連絡を取り合っていて、最近はうぇぶ式。さんの笑顔が超可愛いとYouTubeの動画URLを送ってきたり、姫乃さんのドレス姿のTwitter投稿写真が可愛すぎるとメッセージを送ってきたりします(笑)

Is there anything that you are looking forward to as a member of Satanic Punish?

TRUE: I am looking forward to being on stage with the two current members of Satanic Punish, and since I think Satanic Punish is especially attractive live, I am most looking forward to singing with them and being in front of the fans there.

Satanic Punishのメンバーとして楽しみにしていることはありますか?

TRUE: 現メンバーのお二方とステージに立つことです。Satanic Punishはライブが特に魅力的だと思うので、自分もそこで一緒に歌い、ファンの皆さんの前に出るというのが何よりも楽しみです。

Do you have a favourite Satanic Punish song? Also, which song are you looking forward to singing live?

TRUE: My favourite song is “Pray for Satan. I was shocked when I heard it for the first time. I also love “Masgomic Panic” and “Propaganda from the Rising Sun” and listen to them often. I can’t wait to sing all of the groups songs!

Satanic Punishの曲で好きな曲はありますか?

TRUE: 一番好きな曲は「Pray for Satan」です。初めて聴いた時に衝撃を受けました。「マスゴミックパニック」と「Propaganda from the Rising Sun」も大好きで、普段からよく聴いています。Satanic Punishの全ての楽曲を歌うのが楽しみです!

Himeno Usagi and Webshiki. will soon be joined by the ‘TRUE’ member, after over 2 years without a lineup change.

How does it feel to be a part of Satanic Punish, and work alongside Webshiki and Usagi?

TRUE: I’m really excited! At the same time though, I am also a little worried that by joining Satanic Punish, which is seen as ‘complete’ by the fans, my addition will destroy the image they have crafted, and that I won’t be accepted by the fans.

Satanic Punishに参加し、うぇぶ式。はんや姫乃はんと一緒に仕事をするのはどんな気分ですか?

TRUE: とても楽しみです!それと同時に、私が加入することで、今の完成されたSatanic Punishのイメージを壊してしまわないか、ファンの皆様に認めていただけるか少し不安にも思っています。

What kind of music do you enjoy, and what are you listening to right now?

TRUE: SKYFIRE has been my favourite metal band since I was in middle school. I especially love Dimensions Unseen from their first album Timeless Departure. I have also listened to UNDER THREAT and MISERATION for a long time, and for domestic bands, I also like SERPENT. For a few years now, I have also liked the group called a crowd of rebellion and listen to them often.

I have been listening to melodeath and progressive music since I was a child, but I like electronic music, too. It’s hard to sing, but I just love the odd beat. Of course, I love idols as well; Maison book girl is my forever.


TRUE: 中学生の頃からSKYFIREがメタルバンドの中で一番好きです。特に1stアルバム「Timeless Departure」の「Dimensions Unseen」が大好きです。他にはUNDER THREAT やMISERATIONも昔から聴いていて、国産だとSERPENTも好きでした。数年前からは、a crowd of rebellionが好きでよく聴いています。

メロデスとプログレを聴くことが幼少期から多かったのですが、電子音楽も好きです。歌うのは難しいけど変拍子がとにかく大好き。もちろんアイドルも大好きです。Maison book girlは私の永遠。

Outside of music, do you have a hobby you can talk to us about?

TRUE: I love art in general. In addition to looking at and appreciating art, I also like to create my own work, and when I was a child, I took watercolour and oil painting classes for about 7 years.


TRUE: アート全般が好きです。鑑賞だけでなく、自分で作品を作るのも好きで、幼少の頃は水彩画と油彩画のレッスンを7年ほど習っていました。

Finally: Can you leave a message for the fans of Satanic Punish?

TRUE: It’s nice to meet you! I hope you will love Satanic Punish more than ever now that I have joined. I will continue to make a lot of efforts to be as good as the two current members, so please watch my story unfold from the first chapter. Thank you for your continued support!

最後に Satanic Punishのファンへメッセージをお願いします。

TRUE: 初めまして!私が加入したSatanic Punishも今まで以上に愛してくれると嬉しいです。現メンバーのお二方に負けないように今後も沢山努力していくので、私の物語を第1章から見届けてください。これからよろしくお願い致します!

Thank you very much! We look forward to meeting you in the future!


To all of the readers, you can follow the newest member of Satanic Punish on Twitter via this link.

読者の皆様、Satanic Punishの新メンバーを応援して、「TRUE」メンバーのTwitterをフォローしてください。リンクは[こちら]です。

Satanic Punish will be holding their one-man live “The end. ≠  The beginning.” at Shin Koenji LOFT X on December 2nd, and will livestream the performance via Twitcast. The footage will be archived for two weeks.

You can purchase a ticket to view the live online HERE.

To end, Beyond Senpai would like to thank Fudou Gantetsu and the TRUE member of Satanic Punish for this opportunity, and for taking the time to answer our questions.

最後に、このような機会を与えてくださり、質問に答えてくださった不動巖哲さんとSatanic PunishのTRUEメンバーにBeyond Senpaiからお礼を申し上げたいと思います。

To support Satanic Punish and their newest member, please be sure to follow the group on social media and check out their website.


Satanic Punish Twitter
Webshiki. Twitter
Himeno Usagi Twitter
‘TRUE’ Member Twitter
Fudou Gantetsu Twitter

Official Website
Official YouTube

Interview by: Kelly-Mae
Questions by: Everyone
Editing by: Kelly-Mae, JustPanda
Proofreading by: JustPanda
Translation by: Online Translators (thank you, Google and DeepL)

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