Welcome To Kaepyon’s World: An Interview with Tsukimori Kaede

A financial office worker during the week, and an Idol at the weekend, Tsukimori Kaede – also known by her nickname, Kaepyon – is a self-produced idol that has been making waves within the overseas idol fandom since her solo debut back in 2020.

From desk work to live streams, Kaepyon works hard to make her dreams come true, and encourages her fans – whom she affectionately calls ‘Kaepyonists’ – to also pursue their own dreams, no matter how old they might be! With a cute voice at her disposal and an ever-growing, loyal fanbase, Kaepyon is ready to welcome you into her sparkling world of colour and happiness.

Image from Tsukimori Kaede’s official Twitter

Now in her second year as an idol, Kaepyon continues to make her dreams a possibility as she balances both her work and idol life in perfect harmony. An inspiration to her fans, there is no reason to wonder why her Kaepyonists adore her and want to know more about the cheerful and open idol.

Luckily for Beyond Senpai, we were able to take a moment of Kaepyon’s time to talk about the music she creates, her most recent accomplishments, and how she was able to become the Lovely Idol that we see today.

First of all, thank you for joining us for an interview! Please take this chance to introduce yourself to the readers.


Kaede: It’s nice to meet you. Otsukaepyon!

My name is Tsukimori Kaede, but please call me Kaepyon.

I am active as a solo idol who sings lovely, glittering and happy songs! My favourite food is Negitama gyudon. I have even written some songs while thinking about Negitama gyudon. I also like having fun!

I aim to be the kind of person who can make the lives of the people I meet even more enjoyable, and give courage to those who are pursuing their dreams!

月森さん: はじめまして。今日も一日、おつかえぴょん!




Your music is a source of happiness and encouragement for many. What kind of process do you go through in order to create your music?


Kaede: Firstly, I like to think about the kind of worldview of the song that I want to create, such as ‘Let’s make this song powerful and cool!’ and ‘I want this song to be cheerful and cute!’. After that, I will request a composer that fits the image I have.

Because I am a freelancer, I often ask composers that I work with regularly, or I will contact new composers whom I am interested in working with.

Once a composer has been selected, we meet directly to discuss the image of the song. Once we have mutually agreed on an image together, we will check in with one another mid-way through the process of the song. Then I will inform the composer of any changes or additions I want to make, and the process of checking and revising the song is repeated several times.

Once the main composition is ready, we will proceed with the arrangement and adding instruments to the song. At this stage, we will also request for the choreography to be made in advance, and start writing the lyrics. When the music is almost in its final form, we begin recording. Finally, the instruments are readjusted to match the recorded vocals, and the song is complete.

It is a lot of fun to work with the composer on the song and watch it take shape. I also took on the challenge of writing my own lyrics for Jiritsukei Cinderella. It’s fun to be able to write what l usually feel, and then deliver them at live performances and on streaming platforms! I would like to try my hand at writing lyrics again!

月森さん: まず、「この曲は、力強くかっこよくしよう!」「この曲は、とにかく元気で明るい曲にしよう!」など、自分が制作したい楽曲の世界観を考えて、それに合った作曲家さんに依頼をします。





Recently, your single Lovely Sweet Tours reached the #7 spot in the UK iTunes chart for J-pop. Congratulations! How did you feel when you were told that you reached this spot?

先日、シングル「Lovely Sweet Tours」がイギリスのiTunesチャートでJ-popの7位を獲得しました おめでとうございます。この順位になったことを知った時のお気持ちはいかがでしたか?

Kaede: I was surprised when I received the call saying, “Your song has been ranked at No. 7.” Even though it has been 4 months since the song was released, there are people in the UK who are still listening to it! It’s like a miracle, I am so happy!

Even in Japan, I have had more and more people say to me, “Your song reached #7 in the UK!!” I’m so happy! Now I’m even more determined to do my best as an idol!



Lovely Sweet Tours is one of my (Kelly’s) favourite songs, by the way. I was happy to see that it had reached the #7 spot on the J-pop iTunes chart for the UK! What inspired the lyrics for Lovely Sweet Tours?

「Lovely Sweet Tours」は、ちなみに私の好きな曲の一つです。イギリスのiTunesのJ-popチャートで7位になったのも嬉しかったですね~。月森さんが「Lovely Sweet Tours」の歌詞を書かれたきっかけは何だったのでしょうか?

Kaede: I am glad that you like the songs that I have filled with my “love”. Thank you very much!

The lyrics, music, and arrangements for Lovely Sweet Tours were written and created by Sonoda Kenatro, who has written many theme songs for anime, including “THE IDOLM@STER” series and “Ultraman R/B”, as well as songs for idols!

A while ago, I saw a video full of familiar idols auditioning for Tokyo Mew Mew Nyu~♡, and I found myself drawn to the music and was humming along to it for months. I eventually looked up who wrote the music, and found out that it was Sonoda Kentaro, who had also written music for my long-time favourite singer, Tamura Yukari. I was convinced that Mr. Sonoda would be able to embody everything that I love in a song. So, even though I knew I was being a little rude, I decided to reach out and ask him to create a song for me as well.

It seemed like Mr. Sonoda doesn’t accept individual requests, however he accepted mine, saying “You have courage” and “I want to make a song for a brave person.”

The lyrics were also written by Mr. Sonoda, and I told him that I wanted the theme to be about ‘dreams’, and that I wanted the lyrics to be conscious of those who support me from overseas. Mr. Sonoda told me that he would be conscious of the scale of the lyrics, and instead of suddenly singing from the perspective of a super idol, he wrote the lyrics of my current perspective as Kaepyon. In the end, I am glad that Mr. Sonoda’s lyrics can gently touch the hearts of those who listen to the song.

月森さん: 自分の〝大好き〟をいっぱい詰め込んだ曲を好きになってくださることが嬉しいです。ありがとうございます!

『Lovely Sweet Tours』の作詞・作曲・編曲は『THE IDOLM@STER』シリーズや『ウルトラマンR/B』など、アニメ・特撮の主題歌やアイドルの楽曲を数多く提供している園田健太郎さんにお願いしました!

身近なアイドルさん達が『東京ミュウミュウ にゅ~♡』のオーディションを受けている映像を観て。気づいたら楽曲に心惹かれて、何ヶ月も口ずさんでいて。どなたが作っているのだろうと調べたら園田健太郎さんという方で、私が長年好きな田村ゆかりさんの楽曲も制作されてることも知って。きっと園田さんなら私の好きを具現化してくれると確信。失礼を承知で、私の曲も作ってほしいとご連絡しました。



Image from Tsukimori Kaede’s official Twitter

It has also been two years since you started your career as a solo Idol, so congratulations! Going into your third year, you have already achieved so much! What are you looking forward to next as an idol?


Kaede: Because of everyone’s support, I have successfully celebrated two years as an idol! Thank you!

Last year, after graduating from the agency I was under, I was able to work with various creators on costumes, music, illustrations, music videos, and so on. I feel that it was a year of preparation for being active as a self-produced idol.

My goal for this year and for the future is to deliver the kind of songs that I love. I am also trying my hand at variety shows and radio programs, which I have never tried before this, as well as voice acting and acting, a dream that I initially gave up on when I was a university student.

In addition to the live performances I have been doing, I would like to deliver my idol persona ‘Kaepyon’ in many other ways!

月森さん: たくさんの方に支えていただき、無事に2年を迎えることができました。ありがとうございます!




And now that you are independent, have there been any challenges that you faced, that you did not experience during your time under an agency?


Kaede: Things like deciding whether to accept a job, and negotiating the terms of performances all by myself. Last year, I had accepted a job without understanding it at all, and sometimes I look back and regret it.

I now consult with people that I trust first, because there have been cases where I have feelings that are close to love or admiration for the other person involved in a request, however, the conditions of that job request may be unfavorable. Thanks to the support of the people around me, I am able to work safely and energetically.

However, sometimes it is necessary to move with speed, such as when a job opportunity arises all of a sudden. So even though I am used to accepting job offers with care, it’s still a little hard for me to discern what’s going on, but that’s part of the fun!

Also, there are things that I couldn’t do when I was in the office that I can do now. I often contact people whose work I admire first. From there, we can work together on producing something together, and through patience, the nearly impossible can become possible! It is like a dream!

Now that many creators are co-operating with us, the world of Kaepyon is expanding more and more. We will continue working hard!

月森さん: お仕事を受けるかの判断、出演条件の交渉を全て自分で行うこと。昨年はまったくわからないまま返事して、後悔したりもしていました。





You also work full-time as a financial office worker, right? What motivates and inspires you in both your personal work life, and your work as an idol?


Kaede: Becoming an office worker in the finance department is one of my dreams that sprouted during my college years. When I was in my third year of college and shortly after giving up my dream of becoming a voice actor, I became obsessed with a TV Drama that had a banking theme and found a new goal. I am still excited and happy to be working in the industry of my dreams.

After finding a job in the finance industry, I re-enrolled in a training school for voice acting, which eventually led me to becoming an idol. When I first started my activities, there was almost nothing that I was suited for as an idol. That seemed interesting to me. Looking at it from a positive angle, there is always room for growth! I never get tired of it, and I continue to enjoy it!

Of course there will be days when things don’t go as well. However, I have the ability to naturally switch my mindset between making time for my company work, and time for my idol work. I think about it positively, like“Yesterday my Idol work was a disaster, but today I put together my companies records quickly”, or “I made a mistake at work, but I also got an offer to appear on a TV Show I like.” Because I have two jobs that I can work hard on, I can inspire other people to work harder, too!

月森さん: 金融系のOLも、大学生時代に芽生えた一つの夢です。大学三年生で声優の夢を諦めて呆然としている時に、銀行がテーマのTVドラマに夢中になりました。憧れの業界で働けていることが嬉しくて、今でもワクワクします。



How do you relax after work and after a performance?


Kaede: I eat some good food and sleep well. I also go to the hairdresser to get my hair done, and immerse myself in my favorite music and watch live Blu-ray DVD’s. I also like watching comedies and short animations.

I have a tendency to push myself too hard in regards to doing my idol work, but I also cherish the time I have for doing the things I love.

When I feel uncomfortable indulging myself, I buy ice cream for my family and have a petit ice cream party. I do my best to give myself time relax, even if it is just for a little while.

But what cheers me up the most are the Kaepyonist’s tweets. Reading your comments and messages about my live concerts and photos, it’s as if my exhaustion just flies away! You are my driving force! You give me so much energy!

月森さん: 美味しいものを食べて、よく寝ること。あと、美容院に行って髪の毛を綺麗にしたり、好きな音楽やライブBDに没頭します。あと、お笑いやショートアニメも好きです。




You recently participated in Miss iD2022 and became a finalist. Congratulations! Can you tell us a little about your experience as a contestant for Miss iD2022?


Kaede: Thank you very much. I first learned about the Miss iD auditions through a tweet from Kishida Mel, who was a past judge. I saw so many girls who were shining in their own way, and I wanted to be one of them. Although I had always been interested in Kishida Mel’s work, I wasn’t the type of person who had outstanding talent or stood out, so I supported others instead.

Then I became a freelancer and gradually started working with creators while also doing my own idol activities. “Now, as a Miss iD contestant, I can shine in my own way! I want people to see the things I have created!” I entered the contest with these thoughts in mind.

At first, I entered the contest with a more casual attitude, but after being eliminated once before the semi-final selection, my passion for Miss iD grew stronger. The resurrection contest was held at a rented out live music club. Before the semi-final selection, I tried to make it to the semi-final round while staying in a hotel because it was difficult to promote the production of the music video for Lovely Sweet Tours from my home. I was very happy to have made it to the finals and to be able to participate in the graduation ceremony, which is something that I had longed for.

Even after Miss iD ended with the graduation ceremony, I was able to make wonderful friends, and have been given work opportunities as a result of being a Miss iD participant. I have also been approached by more and more people who will casually say “You were a Miss iD contestant, right?” Above all, I feel like my bond with Kaepyonist’s, who supported me on a daily basis, has deepened. My idol activities have become even more fun since!

月森さん: ありがとうございます。ミスiDのオーディションを知ったのは、過去に審査員をされていた岸田メルさんのツイートがきっかけでした。自分らしく輝いてる女の子がたくさんで、私も素敵な女の子達のひとりになりたいと思うようになりました。ずっと気になっていたものの、私自身優れた才能があったり目立つタイプではないので応援する立場でした。




Image from Tsukimori Kaede’s official Website

In regards to working as both an Idol and office worker, you are inspiring many fans to follow their dreams while doing every day things, such as working a regular job. How does it feel to be a role model to your fans?


Kaede: I myself once gave up my dream of becoming a voice actor when I was a university student, and I think the age a which I began my Idol activities is not as early when compared to those around me. For some, I was at the age where they were probably deciding to graduate from the Idol world.

In the midst of all this, there are also many people that I have met who have helped to make my own dreams come true. I am filled with so much gratitude, and there are many things that I want to achieve as an idol now!

I am constantly supported by my Kaepyonist’s, and I am very happy that people will see me and use me as inspiration for their goals, or an example of the dreams that they are pursuing.

As an adult, you can still make your dreams come true. I want to continue believing in that, and I want others to be aware of it. Instead of seeing everyone as “fans”, I would like to think of us as friends who are running towards our dreams on the stage of life.

To all of you and myself… FIGHT!

月森さん: 私自身大学生時代に声優の夢を一度諦めたことがあったり、アイドルをはじめた年齢も周囲と比べると、早い方ではないと思います。人によってはアイドル卒業を意識する年齢でもあるかもしれない。





You are also very well-received within the overseas Idol community, which is amazing! What are your thoughts on having fans all over the world?


Kaede: It is amazing to know that there are many people outside of Japan who love my music. I think it’s wonderful!

As I continue to perform, there will be days when my schedule will not fit a Kaepyonist’s schedule, or there will be times where someone doesn’t feel well. So, I have come to realise that I should continue to do my best, because there are people out there who like me and are waiting patiently to meet me. I also want to be the kind of idol who can welcome people from overseas when they come to visit Japan.

Of course I would like to continue doing my early morning one-man live shows and mail-order shipments overseas, while taking the time difference into account. More than anything, Ill be happy when the day comes where Kaepyonist’s in Japan and the Kaepyonist’s from overseas can get excited together!

月森さん: 日本のライブ会場以外にも、海外に自分の音楽をたくさん好きでいてくださる方がいらっしゃること。とても素敵なことだと思います!



A part of the Kaepyon charm charm is that you are open and honest with fans, and that you interact with everyone on social media and during live performances. Wouldn’t you agre that overall, it creates a more human and real connection between both yourself and the fans?



Kaede: Even if I tried, it’s not easy to become a recognised idol like the girls from Hello! Project, AKB48 or Momoiro Clover Z. I believe that what I can do because of who I am, is to be close to each and every fan.

Through the idol that is Kaepyon, I want to be a person who can give Kaepyonist’s motivation and dreams in their daily life. I want to become a source of fun for Kaepyonist’s, even when they are struggling. Even when you feel like you are at rock bottom, I hope that I can become a trigger that allows you to look forward to something again.

With all of this in mind, I do my best to reply my comments on Twitter as much as I can, while also posting regularly. I hope that you will feel free to come and visit me there!

月森さん: ハロープロジェクト・AKB48・ももいろクローバーさんのようなアイドルには、なかなか頑張ってもなれないけど。私だからこそできることは、1人ひとりに寄り添うことだと思っています。



Image from Tsukimori Kaede’s official Twitter (created by POP)

Even though we are almost halfway through 2022, are there any goals or opportunities that you are looking forward to before the end of the year?


I am pleased to announce that I am now working with the illustrator POP, who is know for their character designs for Moetan, which became popular thanks to its “moe” style, while also being an English study book. This year, I will be working with POP as a voice actor to bring POP’s cartoons and illustrations to life. I’m even set to appear in an animation as a 2-dimensional character! Please look forward to it!

A goal that I would like to achieve by the end of the year is to have a song written by an artist that I have admired since I was a child. Also, I would like us to sing together on the same stage. It’s an incredibly big dream, but I will only live once, so I want to make it come true! I will do my very best so that it comes true! Thank you for your support!

月森さん: 今お知らせできることは、“萌え“と“英単語集”という結びつきで大ヒットした『もえたん』のキャラクターデザインで知られるイラストレーターPOPさんと毎日一緒に制作をしていること。今年はPOPさんの漫画やイラストに命を吹き込む声優としても活動します。私が二次元のキャラクターになって、アニメーションに登場することも決まっています!楽しみにしていてください!!


Finally, please leave everyone a charming message that is as sweet as your voice, Kaepyon!


To everyone in the UK, OtsuKaepyon!

This is Tsukimori Kaede, also known as Kaepyon!

It is definitely a miracle that you found me in this wide world. Thank you!

I’m so happy that you found me, I definitely want to make you smile.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope that I can bring you happiness. I’ll do my best to be your idol!

From now on until forever. It was nice to meet you!

Anata ni, raburin chuu♡

月森さん: イギリスのみなさん、おつかえぴょん!









Beyond Senpai would like to thank Tsukimori Kaede, aka Kaepyon, for taking part in this interview and sharing her idol experience with us.

To can find Tsukimori Kaede and support her journey as the adorable, dream-filled idol Kaepyon via the following the links:

Tsukimori Kaede Twitter
Tsukimori Kaede Website
Tsukimori Kaede YouTube
Tsukimori Kaede Store
Tsukimori Kaede English Profile

Interview by: Kelly
Edited by: Kelly
Proof-Reading: Panda

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