MANACLE: we are liberation

Hot off their first one-man live and the release of their highly anticipated debut album, MANACLE have been catapulted into the alternative idol universe, much to the delight of fans both in Japan and internationally.

With their dark and heavy electro sound, MANACLE have certainly made their presence known in the underground scene since their conception not even a year ago. And now with the release of the incredible debut album LIBERATION and fantastic new music video for ‘Look at Me’, Risaki, Ray, Hina and Maon found time in their busy schedule to chat with the Beyond Senpai team.

Here is what they had to say.

BS- Welcome to Beyond Senpai, please introduce yourselves.

Beyond Senpaiへようこそ。まず自己紹介していただけますか?

RISAKI- I’m Risaki Kakizaki.
Please call me Okaki or Kaki-chan.

おかき or 柿ちゃんと呼んでください。

RAY- Hi, I’m Rei Imaizumi from MANACLE.

はじめまして、MANACLE の今泉怜です。

HINA- Hello, everyone around the world. I’m Hina Takatsuji. Please call me Hina. I love cats. I also like to play games. I play Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and Dracula! I also like Harry Potter!

世界中のみなさん、こんにちは。高辻ひなです。ひなと呼んでね。ねこが大好きです。ゲ ームも好きです。どうぶつの森、ポケモン、ドラクエをプレイします!ハリーポッターも好 きです!

MAON- My name is Maon. This is the sound of MANACLE.

MANACLE の茉音です。

BS- It has almost been a year since MANACLE debuted. Congratulations! How has the group changed since your first performance?  MANACLEがデビューしてもう一年ですね。おめでとうございます。最初のステージから現在までグループはどのよう変わってきましたか?

RISAKI- In the beginning, I think we were just working hard at what we had in front of us, but recently, each member has been developing their own characteristics, and I think we have become a group full of individuality. I would like to further refine the strengths of each member.

最初はがむしゃらに目の前のものを頑張っていたように思いますが、最近はその中でも各 メンバーの特性も育ってきて個性が溢れるグループになっていると思います。それぞれの 強みをより磨いていきたい。

RAY- In the beginning, I think we were trying our best to make “MANACLE” work together as a group. Now, I feel that people can enjoy the individuality and style of our products.

初めは私たち自身も”MANACLE”という形に成る事に精一杯だった気がします。今は個々 の個性や味を楽しんでもらえるようになったんじゃないかな、と感じています。

HINA- Thank you! A year has gone by so fast!
I remember how nervous I was before the first performance, being able to meet all the fans for the first time, being able to see everyone around the world even through streaming, and creating something together with the four of us. Now, I believe that with our combined strength, the four of us have created a very powerful stage.

初めてのステージは、はじめてファンのみんなに会えること、配信でも世界中のみなさんに 見ていただけること、4 人で一つのものを作り上げることで緊張していたのを覚えています。 今は 4 人の力が合わさり、とても力強いステージになっていると思います。

MAON- It’s not just about the dark songs.
I think we have become a non-genre group with not only dark songs, but also catchy songs.


Kakizaki Risaki

BS- How excited have you been for the new album release? And will fans be blessed with an official music video? 


RISAKI- It took us about half a year after our debut live to have our first solo show, and right after that, we released this album. In my mind, it feels like it’s taken much longer to get here, but I realized that it’s actually only been a few months. LOL!
I think the past few months have been very fulfilling, and I’m really blessed to be able to release a full album in such a short space of time!
This is the first music video for MANACLE, so everyone in Liberator was really happy! I’m also very happy.

デビューライブから約半年での初ワンマン、そこからすぐの今回のアルバムリリースです。 私の中ではもっともっと長い期間がかかってここまで来たような感覚がありますが、実は まだ数ヶ月の出来事なんだなぁと気付きました。笑
それだけ充実した数ヶ月だったんだと思いますし、この短期間でフルアルバムが出せて本 当に恵まれていると思います!
MANACLE として初の MV なので Liberator のみんなが本当に喜んでくれました!私も嬉 しいです。

RAY- I’m really happy because it was a long-awaited release. I’m very happy and relieved to see that not only domestic fans, but also overseas fans have commented on the album and the music video.

待望のリリースだったので本当に嬉しいです。アルバムも、MV の公開も、国内のファン の方だけでなく海外のファンの方からの嬉しいコメントが届いていて、有り難いですしホ ッとしています。

HINA- I was so happy with my first album that I reported it to my family, including my grandmother who lives far away!
When the music video was released, I received comments from people not only in Japan but all over the world saying, “Cool!” So we’re really proud of it!

はじめてのアルバムはわたしもとてもうれしくて、遠くに住むおばあちゃん達家族にも 報告しました!
MV が公開された時、日本だけでなく世界中のみなさんから「カッコいい!」というコメン トをもらって、ファンの声が聞けることがうれしかったです!私たちの自信作です!

MAON- This is my first album release, so it’s strange to hold the CD in my hands! I’m very happy with the music video!

私にとって初のアルバムリリースなので CD が手元にあることが不思議な感じです! MV はとても喜んでいただきました!

BS- How did you choose the name of the album?


RISAKI- First, Mr. Takatani, the producer, came up with a list of potential names, and we all gave our opinions and came up with new ideas, and finally Mr. Takatani made the final choice from among all the ideas.

まずプロデューサーの高谷さんが候補を出してくれて、それに対してみんなで意見を出し たり、新たな案を出したりで、出揃ったアイディアの中から最終的にまた高谷さんの選択で 決まりました。

RAY- After much discussion, we finally settled on the word “liberation,” which is also the concept of MANACLE.

みんなで意見を出し合い、最終的に MANACLE のコンセプトにもある”解放”という言葉 になりました。

HINA- We discussed and decided on the title together.
We had many ideas for the title, but we decided on “Liberation” to communicate the connection of our first album to our fans, who are called “Liberator”.

いろんなタイトル案があり、はじめてのアルバム、そしてファンの名称である”Liberator” のみなさんと通じ合えるように「Liberation」というタイトルになりました。

MAON- At first, there were some different options for the title of the one-man show, but since the name of our fans was “Liberator”, we decided we wanted to be associate the album with them, and so it became “Liberation”!

最初はワンマンのタイトルの候補も出ていましたがファンの方の総称がリベレーターだっ たので関連付けたいねともなりリベレーションになりました!

BS- What tracks are your favourites and why? And which ones are you most looking forward to performing live? 


RISAKI- My favourite song is “Our Easter” .
The song I’m looking forward to playing live is “Genome Burger”. I like it because the choreography is interesting and the song is so unconventional that the audience will feel puzzled.

ライブで演るのが楽しみな曲はゲノムバーガーです。振り付けが面白くて好きなのと、曲が 型破りすぎてお客さんがポカンとしてるので面白いです

RAY- My favourite song right now is “to ACE,” which is new to our live performances. We often talk about it, and I like it because it sounds like a theme song for a Japanese anime, which is a dream that I would like to make happen someday. Of course, I like the other songs too.

今はライブでのお披露目が新しい to ACE という曲がお気に入りです。メンバーで良く話 しているのですが、日本のアニメのテーマソングのようで好きです。いつか実現させたいで す。他の曲ももちろん好きです。

HINA- Hmmm! I can’t choose!
But I think “Our Easter” is my favorite. It’s our debut song, so I’ll never forget how I felt when I first heard it.
The songs I enjoy in live performances are “Genome Burger” and “Fuhen to Fuhen”.
“Genome Burger” is a song that you won’t find anywhere else. People who hear it for the first time may find it strange, but once they have heard it, they will never forget it.
“Fuhen to Fuhen” is the most exciting song. It is a song that is highly appreciated by the fans and can be enjoyed at a live show with everyone raising their hands.

でも、やっぱり「僕らのイースター」が一番好きです。私たちのデビュー曲なので、この曲 を聴いた時の気持ちは忘れないようにしています。
「ゲノムバーガー」はどこにもないような曲です。はじめて見る人は不思議に感じるだろう し、聴いたら忘れられない曲です。
「普遍と不変」は一番盛り上がる曲です。ファンのみんなの評価も高くて、ライブでもみん なで手をあげて楽しめる曲です。

MAON- My favourite song is “to ACE” because it is a bright, easy to understand, positive song, which is rare for MANACLE. Also, “to ACE” is very fun to perform live! The chorus of the song is a participatory dance that the fans can easily do, so I feel that we can become one through this song.

一番好きな曲は to A です!MANACLE には珍しい明るくとてもわかりやすいポジティブ な曲だからです。また、ライブで一番楽しいのも to A です!サビの振りがファンの方も簡 単にできる参加型のフリになっているので一体化できてるなーと感じます。

Imaizumi Ray

BS- Have you enjoyed being part of the creative process? And are there any producers or artists you would like to collaborate with?


RISAKI- It’s a lot of fun to try and figure out how to sing the songs we receive and how to present them with choreography!

いただいた曲をどんなふうに歌うか、振り付けもついた上でどんなふうに見せるかを試行 錯誤するのはとっても楽しいです!

RAY- We can actively give our opinions! I enjoy working with everyone, so I am happy that I can have some control over what is said.

メンバーの意見を積極的に反映させよう!としてくれるので、発言に責任を感じながらも 楽しくできています。

HINA-It’s so much fun every time!
We often decide on songs based on the opinions of the members, and openly say “I want to sing this song!”. When our opinions start to take shape, the four of us as MANACLE begins to grow significantly.
The artist I would like to collaborate with is Hatsune Miku!
I would like to sing an anime song with the virtual world. I want to sing anime songs with the image of a virtual world, and I want to enter that virtual world too!

メンバーが「こんな曲が歌いたい!」と意見を出して決めることが多く、4 人の意見が形に できたときには MANACLE は大きく成長します。
バーチャルな世界と共演して、アニメソングを歌ってみたい。そしてわたしもバーチャルの 世界に入りたいです!

MAON- COMMAND S wrote the song and I’ve been looking forward to it every time! The producer I’d like to collaborate with is junxix.!
I’d like to collaborate with any artist, regardless of their genre, to create a chemical reaction.

曲は Command.S 様に書いていただき毎回とても楽しみにしていました! コラボしてみたいプロデューサーは junxix.さんです!
アーティストの方はジャンル問わず、え!!?意外!!!って思われる化学反応的なコラ ボをしてみたいです。

BS- What artists inspire you musically? And do they influence the alt goth musical style that MANACLE has embraced? 

どのようなアーティストに音楽的に影響を受けましたか?その方はMANACLEの持つalt goth musical style に影響を与えましたか?

RISAKI- Akina Nakamori, Shizuka Kudo, Nana Mizuki


RAY- One of my goals is to collaborate with Yasuko Omori and Hanae. He is a Japanese idol.

大森靖子さん・ハナエさんとコラボをさせて頂くのが目標の 1 つです。日本のアイドルさんです。

HINA- I have been listening to Urban Garde since I was a little girl.
I love the lyrics that speak for me when I’m feeling down, and the sound that seems to shine through.
I also want to thank Tenma Matsunaga, the vocalist of the band, for contributing the song “Melancholy Entity” to MANACLE!
This is the moment when my dream came true.

元気のない時に私の気持ちを代弁してくれるような歌詞と、輝いているような音が好きで す。
そして、ボーカルの松永天馬さんには「憂デンティティ」という曲を MANACLE に提供し ていただきました!

MAON- I love music and have been going to live shows since I was in high school, and I was influenced by the way bands convey their feelings to the audience.

音楽が好きで高校生の頃からライブに足繋く通っていて、バンドの様な自分の気持ちをス トレートに伝える様を見て影響を受けました!

Takatsuji Hina

BS- The gothic themed style of MANACLE has an intricate costume design, can you tell us about your outfit choices?


RISAKI- Our latest outfits were made to show off our individual colours.
My outfits main aspect is showing off my stomach.


RAY- We have been working on this project based on the members’ wishes and ideas. The latest costumes were created after discussions with the costume designer, led by member Maon.

メンバーの希望やアイディアをもとに進めて頂いています。最新の衣装は、メンバーの茉 音ちゃんが中心となって衣装さんと話し合い、作っていただきました。

HINA- Everyone discusses what fits the four characters and what they want to wear. Costumes are our very important battlesuits, so it takes a lot of time to decide. I try to wear costumes that make use of both strength and cuteness.
My current costume is cute with lots of frills, but I love the goggles and leather bangles because they are so powerful!

4 人のキャラクターに合うこと、自分が着たいものを着ることをみんなで話し合います。 衣装はとても大切なバトルスーツなので決めるまでにとても時間がかかります。 私は力強さと可愛さをどちらも活かせるような衣装を着ます。
現在の衣装は、フリルがたくさんついていて可愛いけど、ゴーグルとレザーの腕輪が力強く てとてもお気に入り!

MAON- The president said, “This is how I feel on this day, so let’s wear this outfit!” The members also took the initiative and said, “Maybe this would be better!”

社長がこの日はこの感じだからこの衣装にしましょう!と言っていただいてます!メンバ ーも率先してこっちの方がいいかも!とかもいってます!


BS- You recently had your first one man live, can you tell us how that felt?  And who would you like to perform live with in the future?


RAY- The show was postponed once due to the coronavirus (I’ll leave it to you to decide how to put it), and after half a year since our debut, it was our long-awaited one-man show. I had a lot of pressure not to betray the expectations of the past six months and the future, but it was a very enjoyable time. Thank you very much for all the support.

コロナウイルス( 言い方はお任せします)の影響で一度延期になり、デビューから半年経 って念願のワンマンでした。これまでの半年と、これからの期待を裏切りたくないというプ レッシャーもありましたが、とても楽しい時間でした。たくさんの応援をいただき、ありが とうございました。

HINA- For our first solo live, we performed three new songs, so we had a lot to prepare.
We practiced until just before we went on stage.
Once the live started, I was able to let everything go as if I was hypnotized. We performed with all our might so that the fans watching the live could feel our passion!

はじめてのワンマンライブは、新曲を 3 つ披露したので準備することがとても多かった です。
ライブが始まった後は、催眠にかかったように全てを解放することができました。 配信で見ていたファンのみなさんにも熱が伝わるように力いっぱいパフォーマンスをしま した!

MAON- It was very well organized and fun to perform! We performed three new songs, and I think the show was very rich in content.
This was the first one-man show for MANACLE, and since it only happens once, it was very memorable and fun.

とても構成もしっかりしていて演じてる側はとても楽しかったです!新曲も 3 曲披露とと ても内容も濃かったのではないでしょうか。
これが MANACLE の初のワンマン。初めては一度しかないのでとても思い出に残り楽しか ったです。

BS- We know the UK and European fanbase would love to see you perform overseas. Is there hope for touring internationally? And where in the world would you most like to visit? 


RISAKI- You can count on me!
If there are people waiting for me, I want to be there for sure. If there are people waiting for me, I want to go. Please keep saying “Come to MANACLE” out loud and the possibilities will increase.
I have already been to some places, but I would like to go to Scotland, Seattle, and Portland again.

待っていてくださる方がいるなら必ず行きたいです。みんなは MANACLE 来て!って大き い声で言い続けてください そうしたら可能性は大きくなります。
既に行ったことのある所ですが、スコットランド、シアトル、ポートランドにはまた行きた いです。

RAY- Of course I want to go! Performing overseas is one of MANACLE’s goals, and even before the group was formed, we strongly believed that we definitely wanted to go see our fans overseas! I strongly believe that if there are people who want to meet us, we can go anywhere. I want to go wherever there are people who want to meet us. However, England is a little bit special because it is also the place where I was born.

もちろん行きたいです!海外でのライブは MANACLE の目標の一つですし、グループ 結成前から絶対に海外のファンの方に会いに行きたい!と強く思っています。会いたいと 思ってくれる方がいるならどこへでも行きたいです。ただイギリスは自分が生まれた場所 でもあるのでちょっと特別です

HINA- Of course!
Right now all the artists in the world can’t tour, but as soon as the pandemic is over we’ll be on a plane!
I want to go to Abbey Road in England, because MANACLE is a foursome…! LOL I want to go wherever there are people who support us! I also want to perform in a castle.

今は世界中のアーティストがツアーをすることができませんが、パンデミックが終われば 私たちはすぐに飛行機に乗ります!
イギリスのアビーロードに行きたい。MANACLE は4人組だから…!笑 応援してくれる人がいるところにはどこにでも行きたいです!あとはお城でライブがして みたい。

MAON- I would love to go there after the pandemic settles down!
I haven’t been to many foreign countries, so if you get to know about MANACLE, I’d love to go anywhere!

海外はあまり行ったことがないのでMANACLEを知っていただけるのならどこにだって行 きたいです!

BS- If you could be transported to a fictional world, where would it be and why? 


RAY- I’m a little scared to think of myself in a virtual space. But if there is a peaceful world where magic exists, I would like to go there. I am interested.


HINA- I want to sleep on some pudding. I’ll lie down where it’s cold and pulpy, and eat the pudding when I’m hungry.
Then there is the world of cats. I want to be a cat and walk around freely and talk with my cat at home.

プリンの上で寝たいです。冷たくてプルプルしてるところで寝転がって、お腹が空いたら プリンを食べます。

MAON- I want to go to a world where I can have special abilities, because I like stories like science fiction.

SF のようなお話が好きだからです。

BS- Do you have a message for your fans? 


RISAKI- Let us continue to be liberated together.


RAY- Thank you for getting to know MANACLE and supporting us. I’d be happy if you could remember my name until the day we meet. Until then, I will do my best to create music and activities so that everyone will be attracted to MANACLE!

を知ってくれて、応援してくれてありがとうございます。会えるその日まで 名前を覚えていてくれたら嬉しいです。それまで、みんなが心惹かれるような音楽や活動を 精一杯頑張ります!

HINA- Hello! I’m Hina.
Thank you for always supporting MANACLE.
I’m looking forward to the day when we can meet.
Even if you can’t see me, please listen to the songs of MANACLE and be free at any time. We are always connected.
I love you~!

MANACLE をいつも応援してくれてありがとう。
会えない時でも MANACLE の曲を聴いて、いつでも解放されてください。 私たちはいつでも繋がっています∞
I love you~

MAON- Thank you for reading this interview to the end!
I look forward to the day when I will be able to meet you all, and I will make every effort to grow even more. I hope that the day will come when we can meet each other in good health and with smiles on our faces.

皆さんに会える日を楽しみにしながら私自信もっと成長できるよう日々努めてまいります。 お互いが健康で笑顔で会える日が来ますように。

Beyond Senpai thanks MANACLE for joining them in this interview, and their manager Mr Toshihio Onitsuka for making the arrangements.

Special thanks to Hideki Narita for his translation skills.

LIBERATION is available now at

To support MANACLE

All photographs are kindly accepted from MANACLE and the members official Twitter accounts.

Interview by: Beyond Senpai
Edited by: JustPanda

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