With DEARDEVIL: The Final Interview

As November draws to a close in the coming days, so does the final chapter in DEARDEVIL’s journey. With a final performance set for November 22nd, AKANE, ARARA and RISA will take their final bow together, before walking backstage and into a void of the unknown.

Of course, this does not mean that this is the end of the members and their individual journeys as performers, but is instead the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and careers, and wherever that path may take them, the fans will be there to cheer them on.

Before DEARDEVIL’s final chapter comes to a close however, Beyond Senpai wanted to talk to the members one last time and allow them to reflect on their feelings towards the disbandment, and to give a final message to those who have supported them this far into their careers together.

For the last time, please enjoy our interview with DEARDEVIL.

Thank you for joining us one more time for this interview! How are you all feeling today?

AKANE: I am very well.

ARARA: I am fine today.

RISA: I am fine, but I feel sleepy.

今回もインタビューにお付き合いいただき、ありがとうございました 今日の体調はいかがですか?




DEARDEVIL will soon come to an end, and both the fans and Beyond Senpai are very sad to see you all go.

Can you tell us a little about your feelings on the up-coming disbandment of DEARDEVIL?

AKANE: I believe that the reason we have been able to be active for almost two years is all because Mr. Fudou, the manager of DEARDEVIL, created DEARDEVIL as a group for the three of us. I am very grateful to Mr. Fudou for this.

ARARA: I have been working alongside AKANE for a while now, since we were part of our previous two groups. ‘Toumei na Kankei, 3-bu 30-byou’ disbanded after 5 months of activity, and ‘Monochrome-ism’ was active for less than half a year, yet DEARDEVIL has been able to continue for almost 2 years now thanks to the hard work of not only the fans, but also our manager, Mr. Fudou. I am incredibly grateful for that.

RISA: I was originally in a group with AKANE and ARARA called ‘Toumei na Kankei, 3-bu 30-byou’, and we ended activities after about 5 months, but I have been with DEARDEVIL for almost two years now. I think our songs are cool, and that motivated me to continue.

DEARDEVILがまもなく解散し、ファンもBeyond Senpaiも深い悲しみに包まれています。






How has your outlook as a performer changed from the beginning of your journey with DEARDEVIL, until now? Do you think that your viewpoint has changed completely or is it the same as before?

AKANE: For the first time in my career, I gained confidence as a performer when I began to receive support from the overseas fans.

ARARA: I feel the same as AKANE.

RISA: I also feel the same as AKANE.





Were you able to learn and discover new things during your time in the group?

AKANE: I learned that Devil Margin’s songs are a lot more complex and difficult to learn than any other group I have been a part of.

ARARA: That I like all of DEARDEVIL’s songs equally.

RISA: I learned that both the songs by DEARDEVIL and Satanic Punish had so much sound pressure, that it almost blew me away.


AKANE: Devil Marginの楽曲は今まで所属していたどのグループよりも複雑で覚えるのが難しいこと


RISA: DEARDEVILの曲もSatanic Punishの曲も音圧がすごくて吹っ飛ばされそうになったこと

Do you have a favourite DEARDEVIL song?

AKANE: Heroine ≠ Heroine

ARARA: Awake and Dreaming

RISA: Paralysis


AKANE: ヒロイン≠ヘロイン

ARARA: Awake and Dreaming

RISA: Paralysis

What is one of your favourite moments since being a part of DEARDEVIL?

AKANE: When I was allowed to listen to the demo of a new song for the first time.

ARARA: I feel the same as AKANE.

RISA: I also feel the same as AKANE.






You will hold your last performance together soon. What do you think will be the most difficult part about this final performance as DEARDEVIL?

AKANE: Nothing in particular, so far.

ARARA: I can’t think of anything in particular right now.

RISA: At the moment, there is nothing that comes to mind.


AKANE: 今のところ特に無いです。

ARARA: 今のところ特に無いです。

RISA: 今のところ特に無いです。

Do you think that, individually and as a group, you were able to reach your goals before your final performance?

AKANE: I am just happy that we have been able to continue as a group for such a long time.

ARARA: I feel the same as AKANE.

RISA: I feel like I’ve burned out.


AKANE: こんなに長く続けられて嬉しいです。

ARARA: うちもAKANEと同じです。

RISA: 燃え尽きました。

The last performance is always the saddest, but what will be positive about your last stage as DEARDEVIL?

AKANE: That it will always remain in my memory.

ARARA: That, after a year and a half, I was able to stand on stage as an idol one more time.

RISA: Being able to stand on stage once again.


AKANE: いつまでに思い出には残ること

ARARA: 1年半ぶりにアイドルをまたできたこと

RISA: またステージに立てたこと


We know that currently, there are no concrete plans or future activities for the individual members. However, can you please tell us a goal you would like to work towards once everyone’s activities have ended?

AKANE: I am currently undecided on my future activities, but if anything happens, I will be sure to tweet about it.

ARARA: I am the same as AKANE.

RISA: I am the same as AKANE.


AKANE: 今後の活動は未定ですが何かあればツイートします。

ARARA: 私もAKANEと同じです。

RISA: 私もAKANEと同じです。

Is there anything you sincerely want to say to the staff and other members, who have been by your side since joining Devil Margin Inc.?

AKANE: Thank you, to Satanic Punishes Webshiki. and Usagi for working alongside me. And thank you to Mr. Fudou for everything, you have been the best. Please feel free to talk to me if you have any issues!

ARARA: To Web and Usagi, thank you. I hope we can perform together again someday. To Mr. Fudou, thank you for throwing me a birthday party and giving us new clothes. Please remember to take a good, long rest every once in a while.

RISA: For two years of activity, I have been able to have fun singing along to Satanic Punishes cool songs. I’m sad that DEARDEVIL is ending, but I would like to do a one day revival sometime in the future. Now, after being involved in activities under the company I feel like both DEARDEVIL and Satanic Punish owe their existence to Mr. Fudou.


AKANE: 一緒に活動してくれたSatanic Punishのうぇぶちゃん、うさぎちゃんありがとう。そして、不動さんには一番小瀬亜wになりました。また何かありましたら色々相談にのってほしいです。

ARARA: うぇぶちゃん、うさぎちゃんありがとう。いつかまた一緒に遊ぼうね。不動さんもうちのために生誕祭だったり新衣装だったりありがとうございました。たまにはゆっくり休んでください。

RISA: DEARDEVILもSatanic Punishの全てがかっこいい曲ばかりで楽しい2年間の活動でした。DEARDEVILが終わるのは寂しいですがいつか1日限定復活とかをしたいなと思ってます。DEARDEVILもSatanic Punishも不動さんあってのグループだと活動をおとおして思いました。

Finally, please leave one last message to your fans and supporters, who have been cheering DEARDEVIL on from the bottom of their hearts all this time.

AKANE: There are only a few shows left together. I’m sad, but let’s enjoy them together until the very end!

ARARA: We are almost at the last performance, and I hope that you enjoy it until the very end.

RISA: I will leave no regrets behind.


AKANE: 残りのライブ少なくなってきました。寂しいですが最後まで楽しも!

ARARA: ラストライブまであと少しですが、最後まで楽しんでくれたら嬉しいです。

RISA: 悔いは残しません。

We sincerely thank you for everything, DEARDEVIL, and wish you the best of luck for the future, whatever that may entail. We also would like to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey as performers, and for delivering wonderful music to the world since March of 2021. Good luck, and we look forward to whatever the future may bring you.


We would also like to express our gratitude towards Fudou Gantetsu for this opportunity, and without his hard work and music, we would not have been able to enjoy DEARDEVIL up until this point.


Please consider following DEARDEVIL and supporting them before their activities come to an end.

Official Links:

AKANE Twitter
ARARA Twitter
RISA Twitter


Interview by: Kelly-Mae
Editing by: Kelly-Mae, JustPanda
Proofreading by: JustPanda
Translation: Online Translators
(thanks, Google translate and DeepL)

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