New Horizons for ORIONlive

On the 28th September 2020, UK based events promoter ORIONlive announced the arrival of their new record label dedicated to Japanese music.

‘ORION LIVE (UK) LIMITED is proud to announce the launch of its brand new record label, SETSUZOKU RECORDS’.

With the continuing promise to connect the UK and EU to Japans exciting and diverse music scene, the new record label will license and distribute music and merchandise from Japanese bands and artists.

Christopher Morris, co-founder of SETSUZOKU RECORDS and co-director of ORIONlive, said “So many great artists, from hard rock and heavy metal to J-rock and Idol, deserve the opportunity to reach a larger audience and see their careers ascend”.

With Setsuzoku meaning ‘connection’ in Japanese, Christopher continued “After the success ORIONlive has achieved connecting Japanese artists with foreign fans via live events, a record label was the next logical step in assisting artists in reaching their goals.”

The new label will release exclusive European editions of full albums, EPs and singles; there will also be a focus on the revival of physical music products. “Digital releases are also important and SETSUZOKU will be entering that world as well,” continued Christopher. “But consumer tastes are leaning towards a revival of physical music product and we hope to continue that trend.”

We can expect SETSUZOKU RECORDS first release in January 2021, with a full schedule of further releases in the New Year also on the cards. Releases will be distributed across the UK and Europe for physical retailers, available via most online sellers, and available directly through the SETSUZOKU RECORDS retail webstore.

ORIONlive have made a name for themselves in the live event and promotion scene in the UK since 2017, bringing an array of Japanese bands and artists to both the UK and Europe. In the fall of 2019 the successful Metal Matsuri weekend at the O2 Islington, London attracted bands such as Marys Blood, Unlucky Morpheus, Mardelas and Blood Stain Child, for a first of its kind spectacular.

ORIONlive is dedicated to promoting the best artists from Japan’s diverse music scenes to the UK and Europe.

The announcement of the new label will have Japanese music enthusiasts excited for what will come to these shores, and it is surely to be an electrifying start to 2021.

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