Melodic trance metal pioneers Blood Stain Child performed a live stream concert on their official YouTube channel on October 23rd.

A highly anticipated show, the band were able to involve fans both in Japan and internationally through the voting of 4 songs to be included in the set list.

And as an added bonus, a special online lottery allowed for fans to be included as a digital crowd participation during the live.

The band from Osaka gained ‘legend status’ and quite the following internationally after their show-stealing performance at the 2019 Metal Matsuri in London.

It’s been almost 2 years since the release of the incredible Amateras album, a record that brought original vocalist Sadew back into the BSC family.

Before the start of the live stream, fans from across the world gathered in the live chat. With almost 300 watching the show live, there was a lot of love coming from all who were viewing.

Around the stage were bar stools with balloons featuring the faces of fans who participated to be part of the virtual crowd.

This is a band who can get an audience fired up from the first song, but they did not let the lack of crowd stop them from fully embracing this performance.

The members gave their all during this performance, with guitarist GSR and bassist Yakky playing off one another, it was clear they were having a great time.

Drummer Yasuo received plenty shout outs in the live chat, his foot work impeccable and the driving force of each track, his thundering double bass drum could be felt deep in your chest.

Lead guitarist Ryu never disappoints with clean solo work, never missing a note. Her talent for both guitar and composing can be heard throughout the set.

Frontman Sadew as always brings all that is required as vocalist. His screams are hard and precise, the clean elements never faltering. His return to BSC after some time away brought great joy to the fanbase, and his outgoing personality and interaction with the crowd has only grown in the years since.

Fan favourite Freedom got the chat room jumping, and Exotic-6- Cordinator took fans back to the incredible 2007 Mozaiq album. It is clear that this bands songs still sound just as brilliant as they did 13 years ago.

Amateras singles Del Sol and Sumeragi hit hard showing that this band have continues to only get better over the years.

Ending with Final Sky from the 2005 album Idolator, the fans present in the chat were definitely craving more.

After the show, the band got together to chat casually and answer fans questions, announcing that two new songs are to be released in December. This news was well received by fans in the live chat.

After the postponement of their UK show back in March, plus shows due to take place on Japanese soil, Blood Stain Child came hard into this live stream. They have gained a following from their high impact live shows, and they did not disappoint their fans tonight.

Fans both domestic and international will await news of live shows in the coming months.

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