The long awaited release from JILUKA on October 14th, ‘Xtopia’ brings a welcomed return of new music from the visual kei band.

After almost a year since the bands previous release ‘Xanadu’ and the fifth anniversary special DVD ‘The Outis’ back in May 2020, they have come back harder than ever with a new look, a new mini album and an official MV for title track ‘Edifice’. The technical metalcore quartet also embarked on their first domestic one-man live tour, The Integration, in support of the new 7-track release.

Boogie (Ba) Zyean (Dr) Ricko (Vo) Sena (Gt)

Known for their heavy breakdowns and melodic choruses, this mini serving certainly hits hard from the start.

Title track ‘Edifice’ brings the dark sounds of church organs with a quick build up to the heavy guitar and drums we know well from this band. The official MV fits with the sound and theme with a lavish church setting. This track features clean vocals throughout from frontman Ricko, and it’s clear he is able to command the upper range with ease. His melodic vocal is supported by guitarist Sena providing welcomed chaotic runs up and down the fret board, which perfectly sets up the feel for the rest of the album.

It’s not long before we are blessed with building heaviness in third track ‘Menace’, Zyean’s thundering drums never missing a beat. Clean vocals leading into Rickos growls, a feature we have waited for til now. Guitar maestro Sena shows off precise skill throughout. From the heavy minor chord verses into the major melodic chorus, there is balance amongst the chaos.

Boogie provides the heaviest of bass lines throughout this mini offering. The way Boogie and Zyean keep the momentum for each track, each working together to create the dark and heavy breakdowns JILUKA are known for. ‘Flux’ gives us heavy riffage from the start, the bass and drums driving through with ease, giving Sena free reign for impeccable solo work. This is evident in ‘Ignite’, a track that is sure to become a fan favourite.

Each track effortlessly leads to the next, with the welcomed – Prologos – allowing the listener a brief moment of melodic metal with Sena’s perfectly placed guitar work shining through before Xtopia’s final highlight, ‘The Purge’.

This track hits you like no other, and highlights Ricko’s versatile vocal abilities. With a chorus comprising of clean, uplifting vocals and frantic screaming, it is absolutely clear that the frontman has grown in both confidence and proficiency. JILUKAs talent in creating both dark and colourful melody is a stand out attribute, and is perfectly arranged during the course if this record.

‘Xtopia’ brings the best of each member and leaves the listener wanting more. It is clear that JILUKA have matured over their 5 years and show no sign of stopping. The continued evolution and unique identity of this band shines through on this record. And we are grateful for that.

Xtopia is released in two versions, regular and limited edition, with the latter featuring bonus MVs for ‘Elice In Slow Motion’ and ‘Last Faith’.


  1. Xtopia
  2. Edifice
  3. Menace
  4. Flux
  5. Ignite
  6. -Prologos-
  7. The Purge

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All images gladly recieved from the official JILUKA Twitter account.

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