Let’s Talk About: misola de edison

If you know me, then you are probably aware that my general interest lies in the generic and cute, over-saturated Orthodox Idol scene. You know, the sugary-sweet bubblegum pop that sets off your diabetes and will probably leave you with a headache, only because more than one member is most likely off-key.

That is my typical brand of J-pop, and I own it. Thing is, I love a variety of groups and various styles of music within the Japanese music scene, and whilst my love for over-the-top cuteness will always be apparent, I do have a soft-spot for another brand of Idol: The creepy and cute kind.

So with that in mind, let’s talk about misola de edison.

L to R: Pet, Vivi, Nana, Reika

I am still new to the world of misola de edison (ミソラドエジソン), a group of Idols plucked right from ‘misola’, the unreal, parallel-universe the members hail from. Made up of Vivi, Nana, Pet and Reika, misola de edison will guide us to the Unreal world through stunning visuals and music, captivating us all along the way, however unwilling we may be.

The group itself was formed back in August of 2020, but it has already seen some changes since its creation. Originally made up of three members – Vivi, Nana and former member, Pink – the group was originally branded as a science-fiction Idol group who had a concept of “Life is an experiment”. Since May of 2021 however, the group has since rebranded with the addition of Pet and Reika, and totes an ‘experimental theatre’ theme instead, with the tagline “To the unreal world with you” to further the groups mission.

As you can guess, I love their current concept.

In fact, I like the concept because it is a mixture of creepy and cute, and while there is a tendency to lean more towards a Rock sound, misola de edison still deliver a cute edge to their sound. Their overall look is definitely appealing to me – I like frilly, cute things! – but it has to be that tinkling tune of a music box that truly pulls me in. Mixed with visually satisfying music video that traps you in their world, I can not help but fall into misola de edison’s well-placed trap.

I think that their story building and the world they have created specifically for the group is also a factor in why I am interested in them. Sure, it is a newfound interest, but I absolutely adore a good story, especially one that veers towards the horror genre. In hindsight, Moonlight Theatre is not a great example for a music video riddled with horror elements, however the plot features one of my own fears, that being one of losing control to the point of having almost no freedom. The theme of Moonlight Theatre fits that fear rather well.

Also, puppets are creepy. Seriously, the whole idea of Pinocchio is just terrifying to me.

… I am going off-track, so let’s get back onto it.

Last Dinner is more up my alley in terms of its visuals. Dark, (un)inviting and Gothic, this is a gorgeous music video that hints towards the unimaginable, and despite being the last dinner for misola de edison’s poor victim, it’s only the beginning of their meal.

Though not explicit by any means, the video is delightfully creepy and perfect for the up-coming Halloween season. Last Dinner was also my introduction to the group and it is honestly one of the best introductions to give me to a group. As I said previously, I do love my cute groups with frills and sugary-sweetness, but if you link to me something like this, I will be just as delighted and even more invested.

So yes, I like misola de edison right now. I am still very new to the group, so new in fact that this piece is being written the day of my introduction to them. Thing is, watching Last Dinner sent me into a spiral of fascination and discovery, light research and a few hours of watching their past videos to the current ones. To say I am interested is an understatement, and while they are not the full-on, creepy-cute sound and image I thought they would be, they are more than I could have asked for.

I have been pulled in, and right now I am invested. Bring on the misola de edison binge.

You can find out more about and support misola de edison via the following links:

Official Website
Official YouTube
Official Twitter
Official Web Store

Vivi Twitter
Nana Twitter
Pet Twitter
Reika Twitter

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