The Ebimayo Experience: An Interview with Ever!BE Mayowanaide!!

Since beginning their activities as Ever!BE Mayowanaide!! over a year ago, the charming duo made up of Natsukawa Aoba and Momoha Airi are moving forward after wrapping up their tour to promote their debut EP, #Ebimayo.

In the midst of the worlds current issues and its slow repair, both Aoba and Airi have continued to work hard as idols to create hope for their fans, whilst also taking on their own challenges as performers. Be it writing their own lyrics for the first time or preparing the choreography for their music, Ebimayo’s Aoba and Airi are starting a journey that will hopefully lead them to success the more they pursue this path they have undertaken.

Now after the successfully wrapping up their first CD release tour, Beyond Senpai were lucky enough to have a chat with the members of Ever!BE Mayowanaide!! to get to know the idols behind the music, and to find out what it was like working alongside the cute noodle loving mascot, Udon-Nou.

BS: Thank you very much for joining Beyond Senpai for this interview! Please introduce yourselves to the readers.

このインタビューのためにBeyond Senpaiに参加するためにありがとうございました! 読者にあなた自身を紹介してください。

Aoba: I am the light blue mayonnaise ‘wanwan’ member, Natsukawa Aoba! I like the show ‘Okaasan to Issho’, and other anime. My smile is my charm point! It is nice to meet you.

夏川)水色マヨネーズわんわんっっ 夏川葵羽です!!!おかあさんといっしょという番組とアニメが好きです。笑顔がチャームポイントです!!!よろしくお願いします。

Airi: Today and tomorrow, I am your girlfriend❤️ I’m Momoha Airi and I love pigeons and seals. Please take care of me.


BS: First of all, could you please tell us about the concept and theme of Ever! BE Mayowanaide!! ?

まず、Ever!BE 迷わないっ!!のコンセプトやテーマについて教えてください。

The concept is ‘Loose China’.
The music is mainly techno-pop.


Ever!BE 迷わないっっ‼︎ (Ever!BE Mayowanaide!!)

BS: Thank you very much for explaining the concept. Recently, Ever! BE Mayowanaide!! released their major debut single. Congratulations! How did you feel when the new single was completed?

どうもありがとうございました。先日、Ever!BE 迷わないっ!!がメジャーデビューシングルを発売しました。おめでとうございます。


Aoba: I was worried about how it would turn out, but in the end I was happy that we were able to create a loose feeling that was unique to us, including in the way we sang.


Airi: This is the first time that my own lyrics have been released into the world on a CD, not to mention that our voices can be heard together as well, so I was really happy.


BS: And you are both a part of the creative process for Ebimayo, right? Were you nervous about creating the lyrics and choreography for each song?


Aoba: Rather than being nervous, I was actually worried because I had never choreographed before.


Airi: I wasn’t nervous. There were some difficulties of course, but I was able to write the lyrics rather freely.


夏川葵羽 (Natsukawa Aoba)
(Image from

BS: Can you tell me what the most challenging part about creating this single was?


Aoba: I was in charge of the choreography, so I had a hard time expressing the singing style in conjunction with that when we were in the process of making the CD. It was difficult to make myself sound inorganic.


Airi: The hardest part about writing the lyrics was trying to match the lyrics to our image. I didn’t want to write conventional lyrics, but I wanted to write lyrics that valued our uniqueness, so I had to think long and hard whilst writing them.


BS: The single itself is very fun, and the lyrics were really interesting to read! Were they written from your own thoughts, feelings and experiences?


Airi: It’s not really based on my own experience, but there many parts that I wrote based on my imagination and what the two characters of ‘Ebimayo’ would think or do. Also, I wonder about what I would do myself in a situation like that.


桃羽あいり (Momoha Airi)
(Image from

BS: There was also an opportunity to work alongside Udon-Nou for the first single! The song is really good, but can you tell us what it was like to work alongside such a cute character?


Aoba: I didn’t know about Udon-Nou beforehand, but I thought that his surreal cuteness was perfect for a collaboration with Ebimayo.I am happy that I was able to work alongside Udon-Nou, who is overwhelmingly well-known in Kagawa Prefecture. Also, he is so cute and very kind!


Airi: I’ve always loved local, prefecture based characters, and I have even met some of them through events I have attended, but Udon-Nou is like an idol to me, so I was really happy to finally meet him!

Truthfully I never thought that I would work with Udon-Nou, so when we began working together I was desperately trying to keep my smiling face in check (laughs).


Ebimayo with Udon-Nou
(Image from Twitter)

BS: You also recently finished your tour to promote the single. Do you have any fun memories from the tour that you would like to share with us?


Aoba: It was really hard to gather an audience in Tokyo, but it was really fun standing on stage with Udon-Nou while many people watched us perform in Kagawa Prefecture.


Airi: I was happy that I could enjoy the live performances with the locals of Kagawa Prefecture. Also, the rice in Kagawa was delicious!


BS: Ebimayo is just over a year old, and already you have both experienced so much. What has been your greatest achievement together so far?

えびまよつつは1年以上活動しています。 一緒に、あいりさんと葵羽さんはたくさん体験しています。あなたの最大の達成は何ですか?

Aoba: I don’t feel like I have achieved anything yet. I will continue to do my best to produce results with the new Ebimayo, which started with our one-man live.


Airi: I haven’t reached the point where I can feel the results yet, either. The number of people that have seen us perform is still small, so I will do my best to get as many people to see us perform as possible!


(Image from

BS: What currently motivates you both as idols?


Aoba: When the fans ask to see me, I feel like I can do my best.


Airi: It’s the fans who push me that motivate me.


BS: Do you have any plans for the future, such as a new single or performing on a bigger stage?


There will be a guest appearance at Udon-Nou Expo, held on October 10th, 2021 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Udon-Nou.

It will be held at Takamatsu Symbol Tower.

The English title is:



BS: Before we end the interview, can you please recommend a song from your new single to the readers?


Aoba: For me it’s ‘Yamiranian’. I want girls to hear this song.

It is a good song to listen to especially when you can’t sleep. If you like that cute and slightly poisonous worldview, then this song is definitely worth repeating.




Airi: I like ‘Ko nodo Ibunshi-teki sekai’. I want people who don’t like to live in a conventional way to listen to this track. I feel like you will become stronger after listening to it.



BS: Thank you very much for your time! Please give a final word to the readers so that they can feel the ‘Ebimayo’ spirit, too!


Aoba: Just like when the air has been released from a balloon, you can experience the feeling of ‘Loose China’. Please love us loosely!!!


Airi: You’d better push us before we become popular♡♡


Beyond Senpai extend our thanks both Aoba and Airi of Ever!BE Mayowanaide!! for joining us in this interview!

You can check out and support the members of Ever!BE Mayowanaide via their official website and social media accounts.

Ebimayo Official Website
Ebimayo Official Twitter
Natsukawa Aoba Twitter
Momoha Airi Twitter

Udon-Nou Official Twitter
Udon-Nou Official Website

You can purchase #Ebimayo on CDJapan, and listen to it online via Spotify.

Interview by: Kelly
Edited by: Kelly

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