Tokyo based mannequin rap duo FEMM have returned with their new album, Tokyo Girls Anthem.

RiRi & LuLa

After receiving a firmware update in the later months of 2020, a refreshed FEMM 2.0 levelled up, much to the delight of all Agents.

Far East Mention Mannequins chapter 2 began back in 2020 on November 6th with the release of Level Up feat. Duke of Harajuku, followed by brand new six track E.P 404 Not Found on November 20th. The E.P is described by FEMM as “brand-new music that doesn’t exist (yet), no matter how hard you search for it”.

Fast forward to December 2021, FEMM finally released their second studio album, Tokyo Girls Anthem, 7 years after the release of Femm-Isation. Lead track Tokyo Girls Anthem is already making waves and the newly released banger Mental Health, featuring singer-songwriter Yup’in, stands to be one of the biggest collaborations on the album, tackling some big issues that are sure to get people talking.

With their unique rap style mixed with dark pop, industrial beats and killer music videos, the new level FEMM are ready to make their mark on the international music scene.

‘Mannequins with emotion’ RiRi and LuLa joined Beyond Senpai to chat about the new album, collaborations, and the future of FEMM.


BS – Beyond Senpai
R – RiRi
L – LuLa

Beyond Senpai: Welcome to Beyond Senpai please introduce yourselves.

Beyond Senpaiへようこそ。まず自己紹介していただけますか?

RiRi: We are mannequin duo from New Tokyo. I’m RiRi, the combat mannequin and my partner is LuLa, the housekeeper mannequin.
We wish for humans and mannequins to unite and have a peaceful world.

RiRi: 私たちはNew Tokyo出身のマネキンデュオです。私は、RiRi。コンバットマネキンです。彼女はLuLa。ハウスキーパーマネキン。

BS: Congratulations on FEMM2.0! Tell us more about the concept of the new album, Tokyo Girls Anthem. How did you choose the name?

FEMM2.0、おめでとうございます。ニューアルバム『Tokyo Girls Anthem』のコンセプトについてお聞かせください。アルバムのタイトル名はどのように決めていますか?

LuLa: Thank you!! This album is full-on girl power! Going our own way. The lead track “Tokyo Girls Anthem” has been made by our friends, Duke of Harajuku and Star Boy. When we heard the demo track, there was already the key word “Tokyo Girls Anthem” and we thought it was perfect! So, it easily became the title of the album as well. It’s kind of a new vibe, but still really FEMM, I think.

LuLa:ありがとうございます!このアルバムはFEMMが伝えてきたGirls Powerを更に我が道を行くー!という感じに表現したアルバムになりました。タイトル曲の”Tokyo Girls Anthem”は友人のDuke of Harajukuと一緒に彼と親交のあるStar boyの曲で作ったものです。デモにすでにこのワードが入っていて最高じゃん!と細かな歌詞の部分を作りかえたりして作った曲でこの数年作り続けてきた楽曲の中で新しいけどFEMMらしい曲になったのでタイトルもこれにしちゃおう!と決めました。

BS: You have been working on new music, how do you find your inspiration for writing and what is the creative process like? How did you develop your musical style?


R: We work with our team at our music label. We find new beats and artists with them and try to find what’s best for us. These days, there have been a lot of times where we used Instagram. I think it’s a great way to find amazing talent! We always have “Girl Power” as a main theme. Girls who love fashion and music and are just enjoying their life are so beautiful, and we want to keep singing for them, creating anthems.

R: レーベルスタッフと協力しながら製作しています。色々なビートやアーティストさんを一緒に探して、何が私たちに合うかを探してみる感じです。最近はインスタで探したりもします。素晴らしい才能を持った方達を見つけるのにぴったりなツールだと思っています。テーマとしては、「ガールズパワー」をいつも意識して作っています!ファッションや音楽が大好きで、人生を楽しんでいる女の子たちはいつでも素敵で、その応援歌を歌い続けたいです

BS: Tell us about the collaboration with Yup’in for the track Mental Health. What do you want your fans to take from the song?

Yup’inとのコラボレーションによる「Mental Health」のトラックについて教えてください。ファンの皆さんに、この曲から何を感じ取ってほしいですか?

L: This song is kinda scary, I know lol.
We received the track made by RHC and our music producer was like “Ok, I’ll leave it to you guys!” It was a new experience for us. We took turns going into the booth and singing parts that we came up with.
We are expressing dark parts that everyone probably has, but they’re hiding it. Between lovers, friends, or even people on SNS, there are many relationships that are complicated these days… Also, we have a crazy MV that goes with it, so plz check it out!!

L:この曲,,,怖いですよね笑 プロデューサーからこのお話を頂いたのですがRHCの楽曲を渡されて 「はい! じゃあお願いねー!」と言った感じで始まって笑 これまでなかったんです,ここまで自由な曲って。皆んなで思いつくままに私ここやってみる!と浮かび次第レコーディングブースに入ってトライしてって作りました。誰しもにある一面だとは言わないけど実は持ってるナイショの一面だったりするのではないかと思います。恋人でも友人でもSNSを通した関係でもありえるしMVもこれまでになくダークな一面を表現したのでそちらもチェックして貰えたら嬉しいな!

RiRi, Yup’in & LuLa

BS: Fashion is an important aspect of FEMM, what influences your unique style.


L: We are usually inspired by the fashionable women in the Tokyo streets. Also, we check fashionistas on SNS.


R: LuLa has always loved fashion, and lately she does the styling for our videos and shoots. Starting from wearing latex as our iconic style, we try all kinds of fashion these days. Women need fashion to express ourselves and feel good!!

R: LuLaはもともとファッションが大好きで、最近は私たちのビデオや撮影の衣装を担当したりもします。私たちはラテックスの衣装を定番のスタイルとして着ていましたが、最近はいろいろなファッションに挑戦しています。女性には自信を表現して気持ちを高めるためにもファッションって必須のものだと思います

BS: What tracks are your favourites and why? And which ones are you most looking forward to performing live?


R: Fxxk Boyz Get Money is always our fans’ fav, and it’s the same for me too! It’s so fun to see the audience twerk with us!!
A personal fav from the new album is Outta the Clouds.

R: 「Fxxk Boyz Get Money」は、ファンのみんなの大好きな曲で私のお気に入りでもあります!ライブの時、みんなが一緒にトワークしてくれるのがとっても楽しいです。
新しいアルバムのお気に入り曲は、「Outta the Clouds」です。

L: FBGM, for sure! It’s always a goto song for us and our agents (fans).
My fav for right now is probably “Tokyo Girls Anthem.”

L: Fxxk Boyz Get Moneyはやっぱり鉄板!私たちもエージェントの皆んなもウォー!と一体になってるって気持ちになります!個人的に好きな楽曲は迷うなぁ,,1番。今の気分はTokyo Girls Anthemかも!

BS: What artists or bands inspire you? Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?


L: Namie Amuro is my all time idol! Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Aaliyah are my fav!!!
As for collabs, yes! Anytime!

L:1番は安室奈美恵さんです! Janet Jackson,Britney Speas,Aaliyah皆さん素敵です! コラボはいつでも!お誘いお待ちしております!

R: Recently, ADO is really hot in Japan. Her powerful voice and energy are amazing.
We are always open to new collaboration:) If our vibe matches and if they are up to it, let’s go!

R: 最近では、ADOさんが日本でとっても熱いですね。彼女のパワフルな声とエナジーは本当に魅力的です。

FEMM – Mental Health feat. Yup’in

BS: We missed you in the UK this year, are there plans for you to return?


R: Can we come today?? hehe That’s how much we wanna go!! Let’s make this world a safe place again and we will be right there 🙂 Until then, plz make a place for us♡

R: 今から行っていいですか?ははは、本当はそれぐらい行きたいんですよ!!この世の中が、早く元通りになってくれたらすぐにでも行かせてくださいね!その時は、是非ウェルカムしてもらえたら嬉しいです♡

BS: What do you enjoy most when performing and do you have any backstage rituals?


R: Eye contact with our fans is the best. Even though we cannot speak words like humans can, we can communicate heart to heart.

When we are feeling nervous backstage, we usually hug each other to calm down.

R: ファンの方たちとアイコンタクトできるのがとっても嬉しいです。私たちは、人間のように言葉を発することができないのですが、心と心では繋がっていると思っています。

BS: Do you have a message for your fans?

L: Thank you for always supporting us!! Wanna see u soon:) More things are coming, so plz enjoy our music until then!!

L:いつもありがとう! 早く皆んなに会いたいです!!まだサプライズもあるから会える日まで楽しみにまっててね!!

R: We love the UK and miss it a lot!! Can’t wait to perform for our UK agents!!!

R: UKが大好きなので、とても恋しいです!またUKのエージェントの皆さんのためにパフォーマンスしたいです!

Beyond Senpai thanks RiRi and LuLa for joining us in this interview. And we thank Kohei for making the arrangements.

Tokyo Girls Anthem is available now on all the major streaming platforms.

FEMM – Mental Health feat. Yup’in (Music Video) Prod. Radical Hardcore Clique

1. Tokyo Girls Anthem [Prod. by Star Boy]
2. Mental Health feat. Yup’in [Prod. by Radical Hardcore Clique]
3. Lolly [Prod. by LISACHRIS]
4. ID:T1G3R [Prod. by Radical Hardcore Clique]
5. L.C.S.  [Prod. by Boys Noize]
6. Dolls Kill feat. ELLE TERESA [Prod. by LAZ¥$TAR]
7. Plastic [Prod. by MYLK]
8. Boss [Prod. by KM]
9. Level Up feat. Duke of Harajuku [Prod. by Star Boy, Loesoe,
Radical Hardcore Clique]
10. Peach [Prod. by Danny L Harle, Radical Hardcore Clique] (For Europe and the UK)

To support FEMM

Official Website

Interview by: Beyond Senpai
Editing: Panda, Kelly

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