Compilation Genki

A Guide to the unexplored world of Japanese indepenedent music on the GET YOUR GENKI Compilation Series.

In 2018, Jmusic lover Christian had ambitious plans to start his own label, GET YOUR GENKI. And it was through this that he was going to release some full-length album compilations over the next years.

Although he was already aware that his task to find bands from Japan, to convince them to be part of his idea and to produce and distribute their music on cassette might be not the easiest one, Christian worked hard for the credibility he now has in the independent music scene in Japan.

His idea of the GET YOUR GENKI series was that it shouldn’t resemble anything else that’s been before. These releases would focus on different musical genres and styles. All the compilations are a result of the close work Christian has with the bands and his art designer, Ashton Lamont.

Christians approach to GET YOUR GENKI was very simple; ‘I just put all the bands together that I loved to listen to when I started all this. From jpop to heavy rock, some metal, industrial to folk. I’m trying to show everybody there’s good in different types of music’.

Indeed, the series is a textbook on contemporary japanese music, psych, punk-rock , vocaloid and even black metal. Late last year he quietly started to distribute CDs from his favourite Japanese bands and even produced a debut album for the fabulous synthwave/darkwave artist TAKARA ARAKI.

And this won’t be the last surprise. As one fan once put it, “They play everything at Get Your Genki. You don’t know what you’re going to hear.”

Here’s a guide to Get Your Genki’s popular compilation series.–5–11–44–13


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