“Obey Me!” Voice Actor Miura Ayme Releases New Single, “Eliminator”!

From the voice of Asmodeus, a character from the popular Otome game series, Obey Me!, comes a brand new single that is set for release on May 16th, 2022!

Internationally acclaimed artist and creator of the song Sinful Indulgence, – which acts as the main theme song for Obey Me! – Miura Ayme is back with a brand new track that will be available worldwide on all streaming platforms.

With a dark and aesthetic sound, the new song – titled Eliminator – combines a beautiful melody with contradictory intensity, and offers an all-new atmosphere when compared to Miura Ayme’s previous songs.

Following a theme of “Salvation of Fools”, the song takes on the perspective of those who find it difficult to live in today’s society, and the existence of a person who can eliminate everything (The Eliminator) who has appeared in this world.

Eliminator aims to pose the question of such an existence, and the hope that this rescuer can bring from all that causes us suffering. In regards to the song, Miura Ayme says:

“At the moment, this is my best work, and it’s a song that I wanted to express through visual kei.”

Eliminator will be distributed through Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms worldwide. The music video has also been released alongside the song, so be sure to check it out!

Streaming Link:


Check out Miura Ayme at the following links:

Miura Ayme Official YouTube Channel
Miura Ayme Official Instagram
Miura Ayme Official Twitter
Miura Ayme Official Website

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