TsuShiMaMiRe: ready to rock

Tokyo punk rock legends TsuShiMaMiRe are set to send their British fans wild with their first ever live show on UK soil.

With a history spanning more than two decades, Mari, Yayoi and Maiko are ready to bring their eclectic punk rock style to the Lexington, London, on June 14th. After 20 full length releases and multiple live performances worldwide including an incredible 15 US tours, the group has made a name for themselves on the live punk circuit.

Formed back in 1999, the trio have not only toured and recorded extensively, but also went on to establish their own record label, MOJOR RECORDS, in 2010, where bassist Yayoi’s solo project FERRET NOISE can be found.

Releasing their last MV, Shot You, last year, with a driving beat and all the flavour of the shochu they love (that’s Japanese vodka to the rest of us), we can fully expect an energetic and riotous night of fierce punk rock. Joining TsuShiMaMiRe live is an incredible line-up featuring DEATH PILL, SHOOTING DAGGERS and RABIES BABIES, which means this is a show you won’t want to miss!

In preparation for their up-coming tour, Mari, Yayoi and Maiko joined Beyond Senpai to chat about what can be expected while performing in the UK.

Welcome to Beyond Senpai! Please introduce yourselves.

Mari: Thank you! I’m Mari, the Vocals & Guitar of TsuShiMaMiRe!
We love beer, red wine and cheese, and Rock music!

Yayoi: I’m Yayoi, the Bassist of TsuShiMaMiRe.
TsuShiMaMiRe formed in 1999. I have been playing and making songs with Mari for 24 years and with Maiko for 7 years!!

Maiko: I’m Maiko, the Drummer of TsuShiMaMiRe.
I joined this band in 2017. We drink a lot of beer together!

You have been touring for many years, how excited are you to play live in the UK for the first time this summer? And what are you all looking forward to most about visiting the UK?

Mari: We had performed a show in Camden town before this, but it was a long time ago. So we are really excited to play a show this time around time in the UK!
I want to go to Buckingham Palace and Queen Mary’s gardens, David Bowie’s home and Abbey Road while there!
And I want to go to Newcastle, because My favourite beer is “Newcastle Brown Ale”!

Yayoi: I’m happy that the people in the UK will get to see our show. I’m so excited to see them explode iduring our performance!!
Also, I’m looking forward to having fish & chips and beer♪

Maiko: Me too!! We always love to drink local beer!

Please tell us what your UK fans can expect from the live shows? And how different do you expect the crowd to be compared to Japanese or American fans?

Mari: UK fans will be surprised at our strong passion and energy on the stage! I cannot compare each audience, but I know they were always really excited by our music and performance!
The American fans gave us big hugs and kisses! Japanese fans give us handshakes and say “ARIGATO”.
I’m wondering what UK fans will give us 🙂

Yayoi: Our show is not just about music. Our stage will be full of our living energy.
Mari will take the audience to places people have never seen . My dancing will let people experience a trip. The audience will dance along to Maiko’s tight drum.
I hope the UK audience shows us a more friendly than the Japanese, and scream more than the Americans.

With an amazing 23-year career behind you, what keeps you all inspired to make music? And what bands are you listening too these days?

Mari: TsuShiMaMiRe is an important part of my life, so it’s very natural for me to make music with Yayoi and Maiko.
My inspiration comes from my daily life; food, alcohol, my favourite places and people.
Now, my favourite singer is Francois Hardy, and I love sad or calm songs.

Yayoi: Drinking together is the most important thing for us . We drink and talk together very often and get to know each other .
I listened Franz Ferdinand yesterday and today.

Maiko: Drinking and talking is very important. And the noises in my daily life are helpful in creating rhythms for music.
I’m listening to IDLES these days.

What iconic music venue would you like to perform at and why?

Mari: I want to play at “日本武道館” (Nippon Budokan) in Tokyo, Japan.
It has a long history, and many famous rock bands use the venue for their important shows.
The Beatles had played shows in Nippon Budokan in 1966. It was super big news in Japan!

Yayoi: Same as Mari. Nippon Budokan. It’s one of our goals.

Maiko: I want to play at Red Rocks Amphitheatre! It’s a super cool place.

Your shows are always lively, which songs do you most like to perform for your fans? 

Mari: My favourite song is “愛の夢( AI NO YUME / Dream of Love )”. I love that guitar riff and the vocal melody. Then there is “脳みそショートケーキ(NO MISO SHORT CAKE / My brain is shortcake)”, it’s is an important song for our shows.
This song made me feel crazy! So, I wanna take our fans to a crazy world!

Yayoi: “Beginning”.

Maiko: “My brain is shortcake” and “I am a Wine”


And finally, what message do you have for your fans as you embark on the tour? 

Mari: You must come to our show! You will get a big surprise and so much energy from our music!

Yayoi: こんにちは!I promise we will take you to the wonderful TsuShiMaMiRe world!! Don’t be afraid of us!!

Maiko: Come to see us and dance till you drop!!

Beyond Senpai thanks Mari, Yayoi, and Maiko for joining us in this interview.

To support TsuShiMaMiRe https://tsushimamire.com/en/ https://twitter.com/TsushimamireUk https://twitter.com/tsmmr_jp https://www.facebook.com/tsushimamire/ https://www.youtube.com/@tsushimamire https://spotify.link/2ReQ1ndn4yb

To support FERRET NOISE and the new release ‘I Looked Down , There Was a Town -見下ろすと、街-‘ ferretnoise.com https://twitter.com/FerretNoise

Bandcamp https://tsushimamire1.bandcamp.com/releases

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