Babybeard: Smile, dance, scream!

Ladybeard is back and has joined forces with Japanese idols Kotomi and Suzu for what they describe as an adorable assault on the senses.

Its been a year since we were teased about a new idol project from the legendary Ladybeard, and this week we have been blessed with news of BABYBEARD!

After spending 15 years onstage and on camera in the entertainment world, from pro-wrestling, heavy metal performance to stunt work, dance, theatre, film and TV, in no less than 5 languages, the Australian cross-dresser has achieved international success and a legion of adoring fans across the world.

Through all that, Ladybeard has come to realise his purpose on Earth…And he will fulfil that purpose with BABYBEARD.

Ladybeard moved to Japan in 2013, immersing himself in Japanese kawaii culture, and has worked hard in bringing that colourful and joyous culture to the rest of the world. In a world where we are all dealing with various challenges and struggles, the need for more positivity couldn’t be anymore welcome. BABYBEARD will no doubt bring much needed motivation and fun to us all, and what a ride it is going to be!

Ladybeard, Kotomi and Suzu joined Beyond Senpai for the world debut of BABYBEARD to chat all things kawaiicore!

Welcome to Beyond Senpai, please introduce yourselves!

LB: My name’s Ladybeard. I’m a cross-dressin pro-wrestler, metal singer and kawaii idol originally from Australia, now based in Japan.

S: Hello, I’m SUZU! My image colour is green. I like teddy bears, minions, sleeping, eating and shopping!

K: Hello. I’m KOTOMI, my image colour is blue, and I like Doraemon and idols very much!

BS: Can you tell us all about your new idol group?

LB: BABYBEARD!! An adorable assault on the senses!!!

1 x large bearded aussie in skirt screaming and dancing + 2 x tiny adorable female Japanese idols singing and dancing = UTTER PERFECTION!!!

K: Our unit is giving everyone KAWAII and much energy from Japan!

S: We are sending Japanese KAWAII culture and our happiness to the world!!

BS: It has been a year since the audition process for the group, a lot has gone on in the world, how have you dealt with these changes and how did they affect the unit?

LB: Well, slowed things down more than anything…. we were ready to get underway with this at the start of 2020. Finally we’re doing this and I’m thrilled, coz I was getting worried that we would never be able to actually get moving…..

BS: Kotomi-chan and Suzu-chan, can you tell us about how you felt after being chosen to be in this new idol group? And what are you most looking forward to at debut?

K: When I was told I passed the audition, I was happy from the botttom of my heart!!! I’m looking forward to going and seeing the fans face to face and bring them our genki!

S: At first I couldn’t believe I passed, but on my way home I realized it was real so I called my mom and dad immediately! I’ve never been on stage so I’m looking forward to doing a live show! I can’t wait!!


BS: The fusion of Jpop kawaii and metal has been gaining popularity for some years now, what will your kawaiicore bring to the table for fans in both Japan and internationally? And can fans look forward to new releases soon?

LB: Well I think our biggest differentiating factor is the marriage of the male and female vocals, plus legitimate dancing from all members. It’s my opinion that most artists can take EITHER pop OR metal seriously, and it’s rare to find artists who can legitimately perform both. I’m hoping that will shine through in the tracks and onstage. And of course, we have musical geniuses Asano-san and Tadano-san making our tracks, and we feature a bearded man in a skirt. Bearded men in skirts improve all situations.

K: We will bring much joy, relief and KAWAII! Our debut song NIPPON KARA KONNICHIWA is a joyous song which brings you genki and happiness from here in Japan. The other new song PIENNIZER is the song which uses the word PIEN, which is used when you face something pitiful or sad, and the message is “Even though you have a sad moment, tomorrow is another day, so don’t worry!” It’s a very positive song! Both songs will make you happy, so please listen to them as many times as possible!!

S: I hope we can provide more people opportunities to know about Japanese pop culture. Also I hope we can make Japanese KAWAII more global and popular so more people like Japan! Our new songs are catchy, so once you hear them you will not forget! Also they bring your energy with their upbeat rhythm. Please listen to these songs and I hope they’ll be two of your favourites!

BS: Can you tell us the inspiration for the styling of Babybeard and how pop culture has driven you to succeed in the entertainment world?

LB: I think Japanese styling in fashion, make up and hair is respected all round the world. As with most things, nobody can do it quite like the Japanese can. Our first costumes were made by a designer named Ono-san, who tailored them to our specific requirements for performance and presentation, and made in the design in the image of…. cupcakes! Yes, you read right, our wardrobe is modelled on cupcakes. Maybe that’s how we manage to look so sweet🥰

BS: What bands or artists inspire you to make music? And has anyone directly influenced your death vocal style?

LB: Well, with singing and screaming (screaming in particular), it’s best to learn good screaming technique, then see what sound naturally comes out of you, and run with that. If you try to impersonate someone else’s scream, it can be quite easy to get injured. That said, screamers who’ve had the biggest impact on me emotionally would be Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Lajon Whitherspoon of Sevendust, Wednesday 13, Christian Machado of Ill Nino and Danny Filth for the witch squeals. Anyone who wants to start screaming, my biggest piece of advice is to train with a proper teacher who can teach you to scream safely, consistently. Anyone can do a great scream once. It’s learning to deliver day after day that’s the key.

K: An idol group “Kamiyado.” They inspired me to become an idol in the first place.

S: BLACKPINK. I was inspired by their cool and kawaii performance.


BS: Can we expect the same energy and dance choreography we have come to love from you?

LB: Oh my goodness….. You better prepare yourself, senpai-lovers! We’re gonna burn a HOLE in the dancefloor!

BS: As the world starts opening up for business, is there hope for Babybeard to tour? And where in the world would you most like to perform?

LB: HELL YES!! The second we can get overseas, we’ll be there! I’m keen to get back to the UK, the US, Europe and Latin America. And of course, back home to Oz, and New Zealand.

I’ve also become interested in the African continent recently…. there’s a few anime cons over there, so maybe we can bring some kawaiicore to the Sahara!

K: I want to go and perform overseas! I’ll do what I can until I can see our fans face to face!

S: Of course!! I want to see everyone around the world and I can’t wait for the day like that!

BS: For fans who would love to visit Japan, where would you all recommend for them to add to their bucket list?

LB: I’ll let the girls field that question.

K: How about my hometown Kagoshima? It has a lot of beautiful nature and surroundings, and food is great! I strongly recommend Shirokuma, Japanese shaved ice. If you go there, you can’t miss it!!

S: I recommend Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture. I went there 3 years ago and I was very impressed with the quality of food there♡ Also the place is filled with beautiful traditional Japanese atmosphere so I think it’s a great place to visit!

BS: Do you have a message for your fans, old and new?

K: We will work hard to bring you a lot of Kawaii and energy, so please support us! Let’s meet face to face when everything settles down!

S: I want to make as many people happy as possible by our songs and performance. I can’t wait to see you face to face♡

LB: Fans of Ladybeard, kawaiicore, and Japanese pop culture, get yourselves ready, BABYBEARD is coming your way!! Get your eyes on our social media, and check out our first single “Nippon Kara Konnichiwa” and PIENNIZER, hitting streaming services April 28.

BABYBEARD: An adorable assault on the senses!!

Beyond Senpai would like to thank Ladybeard, Kotomi and Suzu for joining us.

Singles ‘Nippon Kara Konnichiwa’ and ‘PIENNIZER’ will be available on streaming platforms from April 28th.

To support BABYBEARD

Interview by: Beyond Senpai
Edited by: JustPanda

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