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It’s been a hot minute since Saki Chitose, better known as Double And (stylised 2&) released her first self produced EP, Nisoku De Hokou, released on July 10th this year.

With the 2020 pandemic and closure of venues last year, Saki has been busy promoting herself online and showcasing her talent to fans within Japan and overseas. Despite the restrictions set in Japan, Saki has managed to overcome the hurdles set before her and showcased her growth as a performer.

Today, Saki has joined Beyond Senpai for a Q & A to tell us about the past year and her hopes for the future.

BS: Welcome to Beyond Senpai!! How are you doing Saki-chan?

2&: Thank you Beyond Senpai for this Q&A!

I’m doing great! I’ve received two doses of the vaccine, so I’m ready to go overseas! I’m really looking forward to going to the UK and Europe soon!

BS: With all the restrictions on performing during the past year, how did that affect you as a performer?

2&: There were many restrictions on performances last spring. There are still many restrictions at live houses in Japan such as wearing masks and no talking.

It was difficult at first to perform in front of a camera without an audience, but I’ve gotten used to interacting with the livestream and performing without an audience.

It’s difficult to perform the sections with call and response as no one can talk. I hope that we can all sing along together soon!

BS: You were able to give your fans lots of livestreams and cheki sessions, do you feel this has made you more connected with your fans around the world?

2&: I want to say ”thank you!” to everyone who watched livestreams or purchased chekis during the cheki signing sessions.

I feel connected to everyone when interacting with livestreams and seeing the photos of 2& T-shirts and other goods on Twitter from around the world.

I’m looking forward to doing even more livestreams and cheki sessions.

Please look forward to it!

BS: You released your first self produced EP this year, can you tell us about the writing and recording process? And what did you enjoy most about the experience?

2&: I often use the notes application on my phone while writing lyrics. If the weather is nice, I like to take walks at night and listen to music for inspiration and to clear my mind.

I worked with many new industry professionals, both Japanese and foreign, to record and produce Nisoku De Hokou. It was a lot of fun to work with all-new people.

I’m looking forward to recording the next release soon!

2& performing at Indie Idol Infamous UK 2019

BS: What inspired you to start writing your own music? And what message did you want to bring to your fans with the new EP?

2&: I’ve always been interested in the writing and recording process. I’ve been writing my own songs for some time now.

I wanted to write all the songs on the EP to be able to express myself, such as my feelings and everyday life experiences.

I want people to feel strength and motivation when listening to the songs I’ve written.

I enjoy the creative freedom of writing and producing my own songs, and I want to continue to be closely involved in the writing and recording process.

2& Saki Chitose

BS: We miss you performing here in the UK and Europe! What did you enjoy most about touring abroad?

2&: I miss performing in the UK and Europe too!

When touring abroad I’m always happy to see and hear everyone enjoying 2&’s music.

I also enjoy travelling abroad for tours or on vacation. I enjoy trying the local food and seeing wild animals abroad! I also enjoy trying to speak the local language.

I’m really looking forward to the next tour abroad!

BS: You already play the guitar which other instrument would you like to learn to play?

2&: I’ve been playing the acoustic guitar since 2016. I started playing the guitar during the period around Chippoke Hero’s release.

I want to practice playing the electric guitar, and hope to play the electric guitar on stage someday!

Drums are also fun!

BS: What bands and artists are you listening to at the moment? And who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

2&: I like listening to various Japanese and Western musicians. I also like listening to various genres of music.

I want to collaborate with an artist that I can sing in Japanese and English with!

I want to perform an on the stage with a popular Western artists someday!

BS: You had a recent show with a live band, what difference does this make to your performance?

2&: As a solo artist, I always perform on the stage by myself. It’s fun to have other people on stage with me.

There’s a lot of equipment on stage so I have to be careful when dancing or performing gymnastics.

I hope that I can perform with a live band overseas someday!

BS: What message do you have for your fans around the world?

2&: Thank you for all your support!

It has been a difficult time with postponements and cancellations but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in person soon!

Thank you for supporting 2&!


The self-produced EP Nisoku De Hokou is available now.

To support 2&:

Beyond Senpai thanks Saki-Chan for joining us in this interview.

Photo content courtesy of 2&.

Interview by: Beyond Senpai
Edited by: JustPanda, Kelly

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