Sally#Cinnamon and Tomoya S

Underground indie pop-rock band HEAVENSTAMP has been signed by SETSUZOKU RECORDS.

Today’s announcement from the newly established label brings the Tokyo duos chilled and uplifting sounds to an international audience for the first time. Since their inception way back in 2009, vocalist Sally#Cinnamon and guitarist Tomoya.S have developed their signature groove with a nod to pop-rock acts such as Blur, Bjork and Bowie.

The duos first full length release, HEAVENSTAMP, was back in 2012 under Warner Music Japan, after catching the labels attention just a year earlier. HEAVENSTAMP went on to establish their own indie label, Tengoku Records, in 2017 after going back underground, where they went onto release their second record TENGOKU-INKAN WO KIKINASAI, an epic pop-guitar driven moment.

After successful festival appearances in Japan and a UK TOUR, HEAVENSTAMP had made their mark and built an international reputation, co-producing work with British guitarist Russell Lissack (Bloc Party) and US Indie band Animal Collective. Third album, LOVE BUILDERS, showcased Sally#Cinnamons incredible voice backed by Tomoya.S and his infectious song writing and productions skills.

The duo have performed in the UK before, most recently the latter part of 2019. With the summer of 2020 tour being postponed, there is no announcement as of yet about rescheduled dates. They have recently been working on new music, which we can look forward to soon in 2021.

Heavenstamps addictive and organic pop-rock melodies will surely make an impression with their first international release due in the early 2021 with SETSUZOKU RECORDS.







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