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ISILIEL: ‘Your words, you holding my hand, that is the light of my life’

This summer, Himari Tsukishiro (NECRONOMIDOL) will embark on her first world tour under her solo dance and vocal project ISILIEL.

After announcing her solo project just 1 year ago, fans of Himari have been enjoying the journey of ISILIEL. With the release of her solo debut album, ‘Moonbow Genesis‘, this spring. And with spring comes the renewal of old and all that is fresh and new.

The MOONBOW RISING World Tour will see Himari perform across the globe, with shows in Asia, Europe and North America. Her dedicated fanbase have been waiting patiently for the details on the upcoming performances.

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Meriken Chiwawa: ‘It’s time for girl punk bands now!’

A new punk band has arrived, so girls, let’s do it flashy!

Fans of the ‘fancy animal’ punk band Knuckle Chiwawa can look forward to a new all girl punk outfit headed by long time punker and legendary front woman Shibakuzo Rei-chan.

Now, Meriken Chiwawa has become a separate unit with Rei-chan on vocals, Yamada Oi on guitar, and Hitsuji on bass. And these girls are ready to bring some fresh and flashy punk rock onto the scene.

Rei-chan has been active in the underground alternative scene in Japan for over a decade, most recently with Knuckle Chiwawa, releasing music and touring extensively with them since 2019. However, she tells us ‘It’s time for girl punk bands now!’

Gritty, fast and in your face, we can expect Meriken Chiwawa to tear up the stage with their explosive live performance. Releasing first single “Shibakuzo no Theme” back in April 2023, Yamada and Hitsuji officially joined the ranks a month later making Meriken Chiwawa a 3-piece.

Rei-chan, Yamada and Hitsuji joined Beyond Senpai to chat about the debut of the new unit. Lets do it flashy!

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‘Even if it’s different, I won’t let Satanic Punish deteriorate’ – An Interview with Bokuga Sakura

Come April 29th, the stages of Japan will darken with the promise of a new era for Satanic Punish, who will go through a major lineup change with the graduation of Legendary Members, Webshiki and Himeno Usagi. After making their debut in March of 2020, both Webshiki and Usagi created an image and sound for Satanic Punish that is undeniably theirs, but after three years with the group, both are ready to pass the baton and allow Satanic Punish to flourish under a new system.

Now, new member and soloist Bokuga Sakura will be joining the front lines of Satanic Punish alongside fellow member Mana Manomu – who joined the group at the tail-end of October 2022 – and crafting her own image within and for the group upon her official join date, which begins on April 29th, 2023.

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TsuShiMaMiRe: ready to rock

Tokyo punk rock legends TsuShiMaMiRe are set to send their British fans wild with their first ever live show on UK soil.

With a history spanning more than two decades, Mari, Yayoi and Maiko are ready to bring their eclectic punk rock style to the Lexington, London, on June 14th. After 20 full length releases and multiple live performances worldwide including an incredible 15 US tours, the group has made a name for themselves on the live punk circuit.

Formed back in 1999, the trio have not only toured and recorded extensively, but also went on to establish their own record label, MOJOR RECORDS, in 2010, where bassist Yayoi’s solo project FERRET NOISE can be found.

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Carnage Society: The artwork that makes the music. An interview with Yu-ki Iwata.

The creativeness of music takes many forms, from the audible to the visual. And the artwork presented to us on our favourite record sleeves tell just as much of the musical story as the songs themselves.


Illustrator Yu-ki Iwata, known as Carnage Society, is one of the creative souls who works alongside bands and musicians to bring to life those album artworks.

Working as a freelance illustrator since high school, Yu-ki has worked on artworks for many prominent metal and visual kei artists. And more recently, with influences from death metal and grind core, Yu-ki has developed their style further, fusing kawaii and gore to create the original character GORE-GIRL.

Yu-ki joined Beyond Senpai to tell us more about the creativity involved in being an illustrator.

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With DEARDEVIL: The Final Interview

As November draws to a close in the coming days, so does the final chapter in DEARDEVIL’s journey. With a final performance set for November 22nd, AKANE, ARARA and RISA will take their final bow together, before walking backstage and into a void of the unknown.

Of course, this does not mean that this is the end of the members and their individual journeys as performers, but is instead the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and careers, and wherever that path may take them, the fans will be there to cheer them on.

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From Behind the Curtain: A Veiled Introduction to the ‘True’ Member of Satanic Punish

All images included in this post are owned by Devil Margin Inc.

It was October 30th, 2022, and some new information had come to light: A new member had joined Satanic Punish, and one of Beyond Senpai’s contributor’s needed answers. What are their thoughts on joining this musically driven group, what music do they enjoy outside of what they are set to perform, and finally, just Who are they?

With their anonymity however, there is a strange kind of beauty. It adds to the anticipation of their unveiling – whenever that may be – and allows for speculation, because while we want to know more, we also crave to figure things out for ourselves, like a puzzle. So with this in mind, one of Beyond Senpai’s writer’s challenged themselves to something a little different.

An Interview with the ‘TRUE’ member of Satanic Punish, one that would not compromise their identity whatsoever.

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double and: an interview with Saki Chitose

It’s been a busy year for Saki Chitose, better known as 2&, with new music releases and a trip across the planet to perform at Hyper Japan Festival in London to name but a few.

Saki-chan joined Just Panda for a chat about all the comings and goings in 2& land, and what fans can look forward too.

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Bridging The Gap Between Japan and The UK’s Music Scene: An Interview with MION

Born into a music background in Mie prefecture, Japan, and raised in Aichi, the award winning singer-songwriter, MION, has over 10 years of experience behind her, and a catalogue of songs to entertain fans both old and new. Now based in the UK in order to deepen her knowledge of music, MION is growing even more as a performer as she sets her sights on becoming the bridge between Japan and the UK, with a hope to see artists from both countries to collaborate and perform music together.

With her guitar in hand and a passion for music that could rival the British heatwave of ’22, MION has been taking the UK convention scene by storm since the beginning of the year, and shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

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Painted in white: an interview with Minori

Japanese fashion has been at the forefront of design and reinvention of style for the past few decades. The unique and magical world of Shironuri art, which literally translates as ‘painted in white’, has been making an impact in both the Japanese art and fashion worlds, and more recently to the international scene.

Donning thick white make up that removes all the features of her face, allowing a blank canvas to create on how she chooses, the art model, designer and fashionista known as Minori has completely reinvented the style. With extravagant and precise make-up, she creates a living visual that exists in that moment alone.

Adding a vintage twist to her clothing and inspired by nature, Minori has taken an avant- garde approach to her art. Her own designs of layers upon layers of lace and all things floaty and magical, she has developed a style that has garnered her tens of thousands of fans across the globe.

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