Release Date: March 28, 2021

After being given a chance to stand on stage as performers once again, the recently formed unit known as DEARDEVIL are ready to take on the music scene under their new label, Devil Margin Inc. Made up of three members – RISA, AKANE and ARARA – the creation of DEARDEVIL has become a symbol of hope and rebirth for the girls, all of whom were a part of the now disbanded idol unit, Toumei na Kankei, 3-by 30byou.

Armed with a sound and image that feels different to their previous group, DEARDEVIL have run headlong into their second life as Idols with their first physical release, ‘Calling’. With a style similar to that of Satanic Punishes early works, ‘Calling’ is a passionate and driven affair that invokes the desires of its members as they look towards the future despite the obstacles they may come across along the way.

Of course, ‘Calling’ is more than the message it aims to convey. There has been a lot of time, care and attention given to this one track alone, and the longer this song plays, the more you come to understand just how important ‘Calling’ is to the group and its members. The vocals are powerful, the instrumental full, and the desire overwhelming. This is more than a debut song; this is DEARDEVIL, rising up from the ashes and giving it their all in their second chance at being a group.

The one downside to this entire release would be that ‘Calling’ is a stand-alone track, however Devil Margin Inc. have proven time and again that they do not skimp out on the quality of their music. So, whilst it is a shame that ‘Calling’ does not have any tracks to accompany its release, this song alone is enough to sate a listener’s desire for good, fulfilling music. From beginning to end, ‘Calling’ is beautiful, and luckily enough, it is also the start of something incredible.

Track List:

  1. Calling
  2. Calling (Instrumental)

You can support DEARDEVIL by buying the official CD on their BASE store, and following the group and its members on their socials:

Official Website:
Official BASE Store:
Official Twitter:
Official YouTube:

AKANE Twitter:
ARARA Twitter:
RISA Twitter:

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