Cocoro Auction bring everyone together with a new single release

After the release of their digital single ‘Like Magic / Letter’ on May 22nd of this year, the Osaka based rock band known as Cocoro Auction make their return just shy of a month later with a brand new release, titled ‘Supermoon / Together’, set to drop on June 19th.

Created with the themes “Being Kind” and “Thinking of someone”, Cocoro Auction aim to reach their audience with meaningful lyrics and beautiful vocals that will reach their listeners during these uncertain times. For the song ‘Like Magic’, vocalist Masayuki Awako wrote lyrics based on his own diary, and themed the song around the general public and their daily lives, whilst ‘Letter’ (written by bassist, Ohno Yuji) is based on excerpts from real letters that were exchanged between two people.

For the most recent release, ‘Supermoon / Together’ was written with the idea that whilst many people go about their daily lives, if you look up at the supermoon in the sky, you will immediately feel connected to everyone else who is staring at it.

To celebrate the release of their latest single, Cocoro Auction will hold their One-man tour, titled ‘SUPER MOON TOUR’, starting on July 11th at NAGOYA CLUB ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. The tour will conclude on August 8th at Nishi-Nagahori Cafe Room.

Formed at Kansai University’s Parlour music club, Cocoro Auction is made up of four members – Masayuki Awako(Vo & Gt.), Ikawa Satoru (Dr.), Yuji Ohno (Ba.) and Tenmei (Gt.) – and officially began their activities in 2011. After performing in their largest music contest within the Kansai Region, eo Music Try 2011, the group secured the grand prize out of 681 contestants. In 2016, the group would go on to make their major debut with the release of their mini-album, ‘Canvas’.

Cocoro Auction has since went on to appear at a variety of music festivals, including ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL, RUSH BALL and OTODAMA, as well as various circuit events within Japan.

With the group concept of ‘Remind Memories’, Cocoro Auction aim to create music that is familiar and reminds its listeners of our experiences in life, so that we may cherish the memories we may have forgotten after growing older. Cocoro Auction’s belief is that as we group up, we begin to forget the memories of our youth without even realising it, so when you remember a memory from your childhood, the warmth that you feel from recalling it is overwhelming. It is that very warmth that the group wish the capture in their music, as well as the desire to create an everlasting memory of the brilliance that is our everyday life

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