This is the sound of #EbiMayo

Release Date: May 26th, 2021

Filled with the sound of sparkling techno beats and cute vocals that hold a gentle cadence, the up and coming duo unit known as Ever!BE Mayowanaide!! – or Ebimayo – have armed themselves with the sound of energetic and catchy music in their major debut single, #Ebimayo.

Bright and ready to draw you in, #Ebimayo is a release that will bring in fans who enjoy music from performers and composers such as Toriena, KOTO, CY8ER, Yunomi and early Perfume. Jam-packed with six wonderful tracks – as well as two instrumentals – this single is sure to throw you into the sparkling world of Ebimayo, one way or another.

To start us off on the right note, the single opens up with #Ebimayo, the bright and energetic titular track that totes the groups Chinese Technopop style. Made up of chiptune elements and imitations of Chinese instruments embedded into the background, #Ebimayo feels modern with a touch of tradition sprinkled onto it for good measure. Paired with the cute yet gentle vocals of both Airi and Aoba, #Ebimayo is a wonderful, upbeat song that gets you in the mood for what the rest of this release has in store for us.

Mousou Koenji follows with an equally cute sound, albeit a little softer in tone when compared to the titular track. With a more romantic, dreamlike feel, the innocence of Mousou Koenji is far more endearing thanks to the sweet vocals and sparkling instrumental. Undeniably cute and Idol-like, this is a naturally uplifting track that leaves an impression of a protagonist who is experiencing her first crush, both lyrically and in sound.

Taking on a slightly different style and pace, Yamiranian is one of those songs that feels akin to a nursery rhyme or lullaby. With a music box style, use of vocal inflection and various sound effects scattered throughout, this storybook track is both relaxing and sweet, and continues to showcase the charm of both Airi and Aoba as singers. Adorable yet simple, Yamiranian will stick in your mind not for its cuteness, but because of how layered and endearing it happens to be. With each new listen Yamiranian offers something new to be discovered, and feels like a breath of fresh air against some of the more energetic tracks found in #Ebimayo.

It may not catch everyone’s attention, however it will certainly endear to those who enjoy something with an innocent simplicity embedded into it.

Of all the songs present on this release, Perverse Lover is probably going to be the go-to favourite for many. Already a crowd favourite at live events, Perverse Lover has memorable lyrics, a catchy, ear-worm sound and is filled with an abundance of cuteness, energy and joy. With its more traditional idol sound that maintains its technopop beat beneath the layers of twinkling cuteness, Perverse Lover will maintain your interest from beginning to end, and potentially intrigue you with its use of word play in the lyrics.

For fans of groups like Lovely☆DOLL and SUPER☆GiRLS, this song is perfect for you.

Kono do Ibunshi-teki sekai makes a return to the Chinese Technopop sound in an almost seamless follow-up to Perverse Lover, and comes in with a much faster pace both in its instrumental and vocally. Of all the songs preset on #Ebimayo, it is Kono do Ibunshi-teki sekai that goes the hardest with its techno sound, and even seems to flirt with the EDM genre for good measure. Kono do Ibunshi-teki sekai would feel at home in a club setting, and will even make for a wonderful dance track.

To round off this energetic and fun release, the final track we are given is Kimi tte Udon-Nou (?), a specially created theme tune for the Kagawa Prefecture mascot, Udon-Nou. In collaboration with don-Nou, Ebimayo bring a bright and bubbly affair that exudes cuteness, as you would expect. It is yet another sparkling track that captures the charm of both Ebimayo and Udon-Nou, without breaking the theme or style of the single.

To end:

An undeniably cute release, #Ebimayo is full to the brim with songs that seamlessly flow into one another. No two songs clash, and whilst each track may seem a little similar in sound, each song has its unique difference.

With that said, it is undeniable that #Ebimayo is geared more towards those who can endure an abundance of cuteness, so if that does not appeal to you, then this is not the right single to endure in one sitting.

Overall, this is a wonderful debut release for Ebimayo, though it may be a little limited in style and sound for some. Regardless, it will be a great single to throw yourself into if you want something adorable and new to tune into.


  1. #Ebimayo
  2. Mousou Koenji
  3. Yamiranian
  4. Perverse Lover
  5. Kono do Ibunshi-teki Sekai
  6. Kimi tte Udon-Nou (?)
  7. #Ebimayo (Instrumental ver.)
  8. Kimi tte Udon-Nou (?) (Instrumental ver.)

Made up of Momoha Airi and Natsukawa Aoba, Ever!BE Mayowanaide!! is a Chinese technopop Idol duo that debuted in July of 2020 after activities for their original group, ange mignon, came to an end. Both Airi and Aoba each hold active roles within Ebimayo, with Airi being the groups lyricist and Aoba taking on the role of choreographer. Currently, Ebimayo’s goal is to make an appearance at Tokyo Idol Festival, the most renowned showcase within Japan for chika and major idols of all kinds.

You can find Ever!BE Mayowanaide!! on social media and support the members via these links:

Official Website:
Official Twitter:

Momoha Airi Twitter:
Natsukawa Aoba Twitter:

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