Mikuromika takes us to the ocean

J-pop singer-songwriter MIKUROMIKA is back with her new mini EP, Ocean.

After the release of her Summer smash album, MIKUROPOP, Mika has been making waves within the music scene, and fans are going to be buzzing for her next instalment in sound. For this release, producer Delta Ouji returns alongside Mika, and it is clear that they have crafted together the perfect blend of musicality that shines.

The titular track, Ocean, feels like a level up from last year’s summer album, MIKUROPOP, and fuses together J-pop dance beats with cool Spring vibes in this upbeat EDM track, accompanied by Mika’s trademark vocals. Featured in this track is artist Thor Simonsen, who brings his own brand of cool and collected to Mika’s music, and ultimately creates a piece that is as refreshing as the ocean that Mika and Thor sing about.

Hitori amps up the pace thanks to its use of energetic beats and otherworldly feel, an atmosphere that is further strengthened by the use of reverb on Mika’s incredible vocals. With its use of quick-sung lyrics and a flowing chorus, Hitori is a track that not only aims to show off Mika’s vocal abilities, but also showcases Mika’s ability to create songs that bounce off of one another effortlessly. This is a perfect follow-up to Ocean, with both songs working together in seamless harmony, while still standing by itself as an incredible J-pop bop, if ever there was one!

Finally, we come to Stand Up Girls, a track which pulls the tempo back, but only just. With its intricate synths and electronic sound style, this mix blends smoothly with Mika’s vocals, leading to highs and drops throughout the track that won’t go amiss in clubs. For fans of groups such as Perfume, this track will be your go-to, and works beautifully as Ocean’s finale.

Ocean is a release that will take fans of Mika’s music into an entirely new world, and is sure to be a hit with both old and new listeners who want to indulge in something new. Refreshing, cool and passionate, Ocean is sure to become your new favourite in music.

Mikuromika’s Ocean is available on all digital platforms as of February 18th, 2021.

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