exist†trace sign to SETSUZOKU RECORDS

EXIST TRACE signs with Setsuzoku Records – remastered ‘best of’ collection NEO JAPANESE HEROINE out May 20th

Beginning as a visual-kei band, Exist Trace (stylized as exist†trace) has become a hard rock tour-de-force in the Japanese music scene. With a long history and impressive resume, the female quintet’s original lineup—Jyou (Vo), Miko (Gt / Vo), Omi (Gt), Naoto (Ba), and Mally (Dr)—is still
transcending music genres, gender tropes, and expectations. Taking elements from traditional rock, gothic, heavy metal, J-rock, pop, industrial, and more, exist†trace expresses ‘traces of existence’ in their music and is capable of rallying voices and inspiring spirits across every type of border. Over the course of their four full-length albums, eight mini albums, and eight singles, the band has produced many memorable anthems including ‘Dream Rider,’ ‘Existence,’ ‘Vanguard,’ and more.

With striking visuals from the elegant to the intense, the band’s live performances have energized audiences across Japan and abroad. No stranger to international attention, exist†trace has toured Europe twice (2008 and 2010) as well as the United States with convention performances in Seattle, Dallas, and Pittsburgh as well as an east coast tour. In 2022, exist†trace entered a new phase of international expansion signing with Setsuzoku Records and Orion Live.

“I have been a long-time fan of this amazing band’ says Setsuzoku Records and Orion Live CEO Christopher Morris. ‘exist†trace has been an important band for some time, and we’re thrilled to be releasing their music overseas.”

The first Setsuzoku release for exist†trace will be NEO JAPANESE HEROINE, a blistering remastered 12-track ‘best of’ album featuring the band’s selection of favourite tracks from the last few Japanese release mini-albums.

The album will be released in the UK, Europe, and United States on CD and digital May 20th. Pre-orders open Friday April 1st at the UK, EU, and US Setsuzoku webstores.





  2. Psychedelic Black Night
  4. Neo Japanese Heroine
  6. You, Rain, and Secrets.
  7. selection
  9. Ray of Dawn
  10. Garden
  11. GET BACK
  12. BLAST

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