The Heana Cat In-Between the Lines

Gothic-romantic songwriter and multi instrumentalist The Heana Cat returns with an epic re-recording and international release of The In-Between.

The Heana Cat

A cult favourite on the live Japanese music scene since 2013, The Heana Cat has turned classic J-Rock and J-pop on its head thanks to lead Hi-chan, who brings with her a dark and stylish fusion on the gothic-romantic genre.

With the long awaited release of mini album THE HEANA CAT to, moshimasu back in March – the first release in two years – Hi-chan has been busy on the live circuit and as well as being newly signed to Setsuzoku Records.

Now, the exclusive international release of The In-Between will be available on CD and digitally from December 10th, featuring 10 rerecorded songs along with an exclusive bonus track, Asobitai.

To celebrate this anticipated release, Hi-chan has joined Beyond Senpai to talk about the album, her inspirations and plans for the future.

Welcome! First of all, please introduce yourself.


The Heana Cat features myself, Hi-chan, on guitar vocal and keyboard. I call it the “Gothic romantic” genre!


Congratulations on joining Setsuzoku Records! How did you meet the label?


Our first encounter was actually a long time ago! It was around 2015. One of the owners was a supporter of The Heana Cat before the label even existed. We lost touch, but after many years we reestablished a connection!

Even after there were changes with The Heana Cat, I was contacted by them. At first we were a duo, but now it is just me. The support from Setsuzoku Records has remained strong.

最初の出会いは実はずっと昔のことです! 2015年でした。ラベルが存在する前は、所有者の1人がザ・ヒーナキャットのサポーターでした。 私たちは連絡を失いましたが、何年も後に私たちは接続を再確立しました! ザ・ヒーナキャットとの変更後も連絡がありました。 最初はデュオでしたが、今は私だけです。 引き続き強い支持がありました。

Why did you decide to re-record the songs on this album?


The new versions of these songs are heavier now with a focus on twin-guitars. Because I perform many live shows, I wanted to fill this album with songs that I often perform live so that the people who see The Heana Cat for the first time can easily enjoy them as well.



What is the inspiration for The Heana Cat’s music?


Classical music may be the biggest influence.


Do you have a favourite song on your new album? Which song are you looking forward to playing live?


I love the song Kakurenbo!

It’s a song I wrote recently. It has classical songs woven into it, and I like it all whether I’m playing it, singing it, or listening to it! !! I recommend it! !!

かくれんぼ という曲が大好きです!



What kind of bands have you been influenced by so far? Also, is there anyone who would like to co-star on stage?


I’ve always liked Ayumi Hamasaki. The band I was addicted to was The Offspring! People who like The Heana Cat also seem to like Nightwish, so I’d like to do something with a foreign group like that.

ずっと 浜崎あゆみ さん が好きで。バンドは The Offspring にハマってました!


Do you feel any pressure when performing in front of a new audience that may become a fan?


I love the situation of an away from home audience. When there are a lot of people who don’t know me at all, the live performance just heats up! LOL

I want to convey the melody properly, so I make sure that I sing it very carefully!



How do you prepare for a live performance? Is there anything like your own ritual?


I’m always nervous before a concert. I usually feel restless, so I will practice playing a lot of guitar solos before the performance!



Recently, Hi-chan has travelled a lot in Japan! Do you have a favourite live venue? Also, do you want to play abroad?

最近、ひーちゃんは日本をたくさん旅行しています! お気に入りのライブ会場はありますか? また、海外で演奏したいですか?

Japan is wonderful wherever you go! My favourite places are Shimokitazawa and Nagoya! !! !!
But I definitely want to go abroad! I’ve never been to an overseas venue, so I’m really looking forward to performing abroad in the future! !!

お気に入りの場所は “下北沢” と “名古屋” がとても好きです!!!



What are your hopes for the future?


I really wanted to go abroad, so I am really grateful for this opportunity.

So, I want to be able to do a lot of activities overseas in the future! !! And I want to sing in a big venue! !!



Please give a message to your fans.


Thank you for learning about The Heana Cat! I will continue to play music for the rest of my life! I will continue to make music that will move and shake your heart.

Thank you for your cooperation!

何卒、よろしくお願いいたします m(*_ _)m

Beyond Senpai thanks Hi-chan for joining us in this interview.

Special thanks to Chris Morris for arranging this interview and for his translating skills.

The In-Between international released is out on December 10th through Setsuzoku Records, available for pre-order now.

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Interview by: Panda
Editing by: Panda

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  1. Hi-chan is an incredibly gifted songwriter. So many songs from The Heana Cat stick in your head for hours after you hear them.


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