Mugen no Plume Fly on New Wings in their Debut Mini-Album (Review)

Review by Kelly-Mae Matt

In this ever-growing world of Idols and music, it comes as no surprise that there are new groups to discover at every turn. Whether they are downright cute or ready to blow your brains out with their vicious death growls, there will always be something there for us to discover as we walk down this path as Japanese music fans.

In my most recent ventures on YouTube, I happened to stumble upon Mugen no Plume by pure chance, and was pleased to realise that they are right up my alley in regard to their sound and style. Cute and orthodox in every sense of the word, I’m aware that this group won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but they are right up my alley in regard to their sound and style.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have found myself almost instantly enamoured with the group. Yes, I will still hold a candle toward the NECRONOMIDOL’s (R.I.P) and Satanic Punishes within this world, but there is something about the glittering lights and pastel dresses that inspires me as a fan and listener.

And boy oh boy, don’t I feel motivated right now thanks to this group and their adorable music! So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty, and talk about Mugen no Plume and their debut mini-album.

After making their stage debut on January 22nd, 2023, Mugen no Plume (or mu-puri for short) joined the ‘Royal Road’ Idol scene, after beginning promotions for their debut live back in November of last year. A neat and clean Idol group, mu-puri’s theme is ‘In this fleeting time, let’s put our wings together…’ as the members aim for the heights (Budokan) together, and join hands with everyone – each other, their management and the people that support them during their time as Idols – in pursuit of fulfilling their dreams.

More recently, the group dropped their debut mini-album – titled New Wings – on various streaming platforms this February 13th. With four tracks to indulge in, New Wings is one of those releases that I can safely say I am already obsessed with.

Opening with Shiranai Hikari, it comes as no surprise that this is your stereotypical Idol debut track thanks to its bright and twinkling sound. With a hopeful, upbeat instrumental and lyrics that depict the idea of heading toward your dreams as you run headlong into an uncertain future, Shiranai Hikari is a cute little opening number that just makes me smile, and is the entire reason I found myself endeared to this group and longing for more in the first place.

The accompanying Music Video is just as cute and wholesome as the music is, and acts as a perfect opener for mu-puri, while also showcasing what they are all about. Fitting the theme of the lyrics – and the theme of the group – I like that we see mu-puri grounded in the beginning, before rising to a much higher stage on the rooftops, as if they are reaching the heights of their dreams as they fly on the wings they have been given by taking on this new path in their lives.

Gachikoi gaeshi is energy personified. Incredibly catchy, this lively track is probably the most engaging track of them all, and will most likely become the song that endears itself to its listeners. I can see this becoming a fan-favourite in the live circuit, because it feels like the type of track that fans can easily involve themselves in during performances, and the one that you will find yourself dancing to without a second thought.

All of which makes perfect sense after finding out the meaning behind the lyrics, as Gachikoi gaeshi acts as a direct call to the fans to love the members. Lyrically, this track is all about the love a fan imparts on the Idol, and the love an Idol has for them in return.

Of all four songs, I personally believe that this is the track that embodies the most personality within it. Thanks to the spoken lines and how the members inflect and lilt their voices as they sing, Gachikoi gaeshi truly comes to life. Overall, this is a pretty great track and a lot of fun to listen to.

With another dream-fuelled sound to bring hope to its listener, Kumo no Mukou gawa he is a pretty, uplifting track that is also my undeniable favourite of the four songs on New Wings. With its lovely, motivating sound, I feel like this pretty tune does its job to make me feel like I need to work harder, all while supporting the Idols that I adore.

This may be one of the more generic tracks for some, however it’s songs like this that simply uplift me as a listener. I also love that the lyrics to this song, are basically the theme behind the group; it’s all about holding hands, aiming for the tops of the clouds and working toward your dreams together as you take on a new adventure. It’s really sweet, and it easily became my favourite upon the first listen.

Daylight is a close second in terms of favourites, and as the final song, I think that it works beautifully as an end note to this lovely mini-album. With a slightly more subdued sound, Daylight is still a positive and pretty experience for the listener, but offers a more gentle sound to round-off the release without being too energetic or upbeat against the other three tracks. It is, in fact, a sound that I would like to hear a little more in mu-puri’s future releases, because I think it suits their voices quite well and creates a more angelic, gentle approach that works in-hand with their image.

I also really like the lyrics for this song, because while they are just as positive as the other songs, Daylight is there to invoke that feeling of motivation at your lowest point more than the previous three tracks did. It is as if this song is a gentle push toward a much brighter future even when you feel lost and like your world is crumbling all around you.

It’s a great song, a wonderful end to an already pretty mini-album, and a track that may even become my sneaky #1 of all their debut songs before I even realise it.

Overall, New Wings is a really enjoyable first release from the adorable four-knit unit that is Mugen no Plume. With such positive, uplifting songs that aim to please the listener with every track, I can’t help but fall in love with their sound. Sure, it won’t appeal to everyone, but for the lovers of all things cute and fluffy, I think that Mugen no Plume will become a quick favourite, firstly because they are just too endearing, and second is due to their music being so pleasant to sit down and listen to.

I am happy that I was able to stumble upon mu-puri this early into their tenure, and glad that I can listen to these four songs so easily as an overseas fan. New Wings is a delight, and with such a wholesome and clear theme behind them, there is no doubt in my mind that I have become endeared to mu-puri already, and it’s only been a day!

Then again, it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for Idols, cuteness and pretty themes that include Angels and flying toward that Budokan dream.

I love Idols, and I’m excited for whatever music mu-puri brings out next. I just hope they release something just as adorable soon, because four songs is really not enough for a group this adorable. Until then, though, I will probably tire out my Apple account with a few hundred replays of these tracks.

You can find Mugen no Plume and follow all of their socials here:

Mugen no Plume Twitter
Mugen no Plume YouTube
Mugen no Plume TikTok
Mugen no Plume Showroom
Mugen no Plume Lit Link


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