I am Crazy, Crazy, Crazy for The Long Goodbye’s Music

Review by: Kelly

One of the things I like most about Idol music, is that it is varied in its sound, and there is something out there for everyone. Whether it is a pop-rock tune or a smooth groove that hits the sweet spot, Idol music is a mixed basket of delight, and the gift that keeps on giving.

Yet I think we sometimes forget that J-pop is more than the ‘pop’ that its name eludes to. When we look at the word ‘pop’ – myself included – we consider it to be generic in sound, bubblegum to its core and the most sugar-coated tune to ever grace our ears, when it is anything but. Sometimes, we simply have to remind ourselves that J-pop as a genre has layers, much like onions (or an ogre named Shrek).

In that same vein, Idols also go beyond the initial idea we might have had about them. Yes, some are cute and others are tough, but that doesn’t stop them from mixing their genres or playing around with different styles until something hits. Look at the BABYMETAL’s and Morning Musume’s of the Idol world; while there may be a distinct style embedded within the instrumental, it’s undeniable that there is variety in there, and that while they may have mastered one particular genre over another, the masterminds behind their music still tried something new, and was brave enough to share it with the world.

It is simply incredible how diverse idols can be, and how our world of music can be opened up that little bit more thanks to the arrangers and composers behind such groups. In so many ways, I am thankful that this world of Idol music is such a diverse and interesting scene.

And with those thoughts in mind, I would like to turn my attention to the very group that inspired this post, The Long Goodbye, whose own music surprised me, and made me think about how far Idol music can actually go.

Okay, let’s get to the actual meat of the post; the songs from The Long Goodbye. Since debuting back in December ’21, the group has released one physical single (of which I need to get ahold of), and three digital singles for our listening pleasure. Unfortunately their physical release, Kokoro ni Saku Hana, is not available on digital platforms as of right now, which means the b-side is one I have yet to hear.

Still, the music that I have heard is rather incredible. Though The Long Goodbye certainly captures that essence of sweet, airy cuteness you would expect from such a group, they also have a couple of songs under their belt that contain so much more. In a way, they are moving, and if you choose to scratch the surface of what this group has to offer, then I believe you may just unearth the magic that has been embedded into their sound.

So, let’s get into it, and burrow beneath the layers that is The Long Goodbye’s small but pleasant discography.

Niji ga kakaru toki (July 16th, 2021)

I wasn’t going to include this initially, but it feels like a crime to neglect The Long Goodbye’s debut track, especially as it marks the beginnings of this wonderful group. Of all the tracks I have listened to, I do believe Niji ga kakaru toki to be one of the more gentle tracks, probably thanks to how new the group was at the time. The bridge is certainly a little more powerful, but the songs verse certainly speaks to the groups gentle look and feel. If anything, I think this was a perfect starting point for the group, and the right track to perform their debut stage with.

Niji ga kakaru toki is cute and appealing, but it certainly isn’t my favourite. Still, I think it matches the group well, and lends the vocals of the members nicely. I would love to see this song released with the current lineup, and see how far the remaining first generation members, Rei and Mari, have come since their humble beginnings with this sweet and gentle song.

Kokoro ni Saku Hana (July 7th, 2022)

  1. Kokoro ni Saku Hana
  2. Haru kaze

While I can not find Haru kaze anywhere on the world-wide web, I am thankful that Kokoro ni Saku Hana is still available in its music video form, because this song is absolutely gorgeous. I think that it is one of my main favourites from The Long Goodbye, not only because it is so pretty – even if that’s the main reason for why I like it – but because it is such a pleasant track that truly fits the idea of The Long Goodbye’s image, which is that of a fleeting and lovely time spent with the idols of the group.

Kokoro ni Saku Hana feels like Spring in all its glory, a moment that passes by surprisingly quick, but is embedded in your memory long after the fact. It’s a beautiful song, and one I have indulged in far too many times to count.

Kimi iro Monochrome (December 19th, 2022)

  1. Kimi iro Monochrome
  2. Daisy

Kimi iro Monochrome is, I believe, the groups most recognised song, and for good reason: it is upbeat and energetic, and the perfect cheer-fodder for a live performance. With its upbeat and fast pace, this song is an immediate winner for my ears. Kimi iro Monochrome is such a colourful and pleasing track, and one I could easily lose myself in whether I am writing a story, or simply wanting to wind down and relax. This track is great, and I can easily understand why this song is one of The Long Goodbye’s most enjoyed tracks.

The track that follows, is part of the reason for creating this post. Daisy is unique, in that it sounds different against other J-pop tracks I have heard before, and it feels fresh in such a strange way. It’s one of those tracks that, at first, I didn’t know how to feel about it, but the pause it gave me in trying to discover its subgenre – which JustPanda, my angel, told me was Math Rock – allowed me to truly listen, which in turn gave me the time to appreciate its sound and style. Is it the kind of song I will turn to daily? No. However it is one of those tracks where, given the right mood, is the perfect song to relax and unwind to.

In its own way, Daisy feels like a dream and makes me think of the sky and its endless possibilities. It is a song that transcends, and I think that the vocals for Daisy are suited perfectly to the members of The Long Goodbye, who did a spectacular job with this track.

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy (December 19th, 2022)

  1. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
  2. Destruction

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy was my first favourite among the tracks The Long Goodbye released, and remains that way even now. With its infectiously cute sound and memorable lyrics, this is the kind of song I can not help but sing along and dance to. I really throw myself into Crazy, Crazy, Crazy with such abandon, but I simply can’t help it; it’s such an upbeat and enjoyable tune, and I really hope we get to see a live performance of it from the current lineup, someday.

This song simply makes me happy, and I just adore how easy it is to fall into as a listener. That said, this is the kind of song that distracts me because of its energetic and fun sound; if I want to get work done, then Crazy, Crazy, Crazy can’t be played, because all I will do is smile, sing along and clap my hands against the joyful instrumental that has been created here.

Destruction is another Math Rock style of song, and is a complete 180° from the style and vibe that Crazy, Crazy, Crazy gives off. With its gentle vocals and equally appealing instrumental, Destruction is a chilled out song that you can simply sat back to appreciate. It feels melancholy, more so than Daisy did, and is actually a track I have gone back to more than once; I like Destruction a lot, and while the song may not be as loud as I had expected it to be, thanks to its title, it does include a kick-ass guitar break that really brings the song to life.

In short, Destruction is beautiful. There is a breath-taking quality about its sound that I can not help but admire, and one of those songs that allowed me to open up a whole new style of music, I had not been aware of before now. I think this is one to keep an ear out for, because it really is amazing.

Ame Nochi Mirai (January 13th, 2023)

  1. Ame Nochi Mirai
  2. Holy Night Gift

Ame Nochi Mirai is the newest single to drop from The Long Goodbye, and follows in the same vein as the other leading tracks from the groups digital releases. With a catchy, memorable tune that upbeat sound that is sure to weave itself into your memory, this ear-worm of a song is a bright, enjoyable sound that feels both familiar and refreshing in its own way. It’s such a pretty track, one I can not help but enjoy, and is yet again one of those songs that I have indulged in multiple times before writing this review.

Though it is not my favourite song, Ame Nochi Mirai is a beautiful track that lends itself to the growing strength of The Long Goodbye’s discography. The members truly outdid themselves vocally here, and if anything, this song allows me to get excited for the music they will inevitably release in the future.

The undeniably Christmas tune of the lot, Holy Night Gift is an adorable, catchy tune that is sure to get you in the spirit of the winter season, even if we are sprinting full-force toward the warmer notes of Spring. Okay, so I won’t find myself indulging in this particular track for a while now, but I still appreciate the gentle cuteness that Holy Night Gift delivers in its sound. It’s such a sweet little tune, and one I know I am going to appreciate a great deal come early November time, all the way through to December.

This is a beautiful track, one that sets itself apart from the rest for being seasonal, if anything, but also cheerful in such a reserved way. It’s just lovely, and I am looking forward to adding this to my winter playlist, come the beginnings of the winter months.

Though their discography might be small, have no doubt that The Long Goodbye’s small selection of songs is far mightier than one might have assumed. With cute, upbeat and energetic tracks under their belt, this group is sure to inspire and entertain the likes of various Idol fans, before surprising them with the flexibility in their sound and style thanks to the likes of Daisy and Destruction. They certainly surprised me, and while it took me a while to truly figure out how I felt about these two songs in particular, I can safely say that I truly love what this group creates in sound.

Hopefully I have also introduced you to something new as well, and allowed you to fall into the gentle yet fleeting world that is The Long Goodbye. Hopefully you will want to stay, and if you’re like me, you will also wait to find out what this group might come up with next. Until then, I will simply indulge in what this group has already given us, and fall even deeper into this beautiful world that The Long Goodbye has created.

If you wish to find out more about The Long Goodbye, be sure to check out their website and socials, and be sure to follow their activities.

The Long Goodbye Links:

Official Website
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Yagi Rei Twitter
Komachi Mari
Kubo Rika
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